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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Amazon warehouse in Orland is set to open within a month

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Amazon warehouse in Orland is set to open within a month
Amazon warehouse in Orland is set to open within a month

Taqueria Don Sammy in Orland is hoping the Amazon warehouse opening soon will bring more people to the city, as well as more business for the community.

The city is hoping for the same.

New tonight -- the amazon warehouse near orland is aiming to open in just a few weeks.

Action news now reporter esteban reynoso went to the warehouse and spoke with businesses there that could soon see a much needed economic boost.

This is what the amazon warehouse used to look like -- and this is what the warehouse looks now.

You can see just three months later, they've already made improvements including a place where delivery trucks can come in and out of the warehouse.

I spoke to the city of orland who is just up the road from here -- and they say the impacts they'll feel from amazon renting this warehouse will be beneficial.

"orland delivery station as they call it, they've got the management hired and they're staqcking up on the warehous right now."

When the warehouse opens -- they're hoping to fill around 200 jobs "full time and part time jobs, looks lik 100 jobs in the warehouse and 100 jobs on the road.

In orland we'll have a few semi- trucks coming in during the night and then dozens of delivery vans taking off in the morning, of course we hope they'll do their refueling in the city because taxes from refueling pay for the police and fire and the streets and other common services."

Carr stresses that even though the warehouse isn't being built within the city limits it's still going to benefit the people here.

And here at taqueria don sammy, they're hopefully that the amazon warehouse will bring more customers to eat more tacos like this one, but not just to their restuarant but to help their community as a whole.

We are waiting to see if it will impact the taqueria in a good way.

No just for the taqueria but all the other places here in orland so that investment into the town increases -- and so that the people here have more jobs, when amazon finishes -- you know more people will come and the city will grow and that's exactly what orland is hoping for.

"orland is uniquely positioned to be able to help absorb that, because we have the land and the zoning and we welcome steady growth.

We expect that it's going to be just as exciting as we anticipated all along."

The city of orland says this amazon warehouse behind me should be opening up within the next month.

In orland, esteban reynoso action news now.

The city of orland says they'll try to partner with amazon to have a refueling partnership that could benefit both parties.