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Friday, June 18, 2021


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The nation is still mourning the loss of the eight lives lost at the fed-ex mass shooting late thursday night.

News 10's hannah follman has more on how local experts are responding.

[take pkg outcue: back to you duration:2:08] the tragedy in indianapolis marks the forty fifth mass shooting in the last month that is according to cnn reporting.

I spoke with several indiana university professors on how we can come together as a country and prevent shootings like this going forward.

Forty five mass shootings over a thirty day span is hard for many to comprehend..

According to an analysis by the gun violence archive, the nation has seen at least 147 mass shootings just this year.

Local experts believe there are two main reasons as to why this is an ongoing problem in the united states.


"good mental health care that so many of us need for whatever reason just to be the best humans we can be is just out of reach for us .

And the second of course is the united states has a higher rate of fire arms per capita than any other developed country and the laws are lax and getting laxxer.."

According to b-b-c news, the united states is by far the highest gun-owning country in the world with over 120 firearms per 100 residents this is more than enough for every citizen to have at least one firearm..

" we make it easier to get a gun than we do to get a job at mcdonalds or another fast food place... in this country its like put down the money and heres your gun.

Thats ridciulous.

Basically we are saying we are willing to live with this level of violence because we refuse to do anything about it."

Paul helmke is the former president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence he says that the country needs to take action now to solve this ongoing national issue.

"right now our response as a country is our hearts, our prayers, and our sympathies are with you and we do nothing else we need to push our elected officials, our senators, our congress people, our state legislators to take action on gun violence."

For more information on how you can do your part in helping prevent tragedies like this from happneing in the future, visit our the future, happneing in the future, visit our website at wthi tv dot com.

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