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Monday, July 26, 2021

stand against suicide

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stand against suicide
stand against suicide
stand against suicide

The river friday.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the nation according to mental health america.

This is an issue that is affecting people here in the wabash valley.

New for you tonight at six 10's hannah follman tells us more about an event that brought this subject to the forefront.

Local residents came together to take a stand against suicicde.

In the third annual event team of mercy partnered with 3 sisters investments with the goal of spreading more awareness to the community about this important topic this year, mental health america found that hundreds of thousands of people across the nation are struggling with mental health problems, especially anxiety and depression.

In indiana, a recent study found that suicide is the second leading cause of death in the state.

"suicide is very real.

It is happening at an alarming rate right here in our community and in the entire wabash valley.

With next month being mental health awareness month we really wanted to do something and get ahead of it and promote it now that is ok to not be ok were here to break the stigma we want to show what true community means and we just want to spread love."

Christina christ is the executive director of team of mercy, a local nonprofit organization.

The goal behind this nonprofit is to assist survivors following a suicide attempt.

Over the weekend, dozens of community members rallied behind the organization to spread love and awareness to the community.

Residents walked around the 12 points neighborhood holding signs and spreading encouragemen t to passing cars..

"'there's so much support for individuals who are fighting the silent battle -- we want to let people know there is help out there and they are loved and there are plenty of resources."

Residents shared their personal stories, while honoring their loved ones at the event.

"it really hits home with me and her - we lost my mother about three years back.

She battled with depression, we battle it with my family.

We are here to support i am so glad there is a place that everyone can turn and go to..

We miss her everyday and we wish she was still here."

The goal of the stand against suicide event is to remind everyone that they are not alone and that there are resources out there for you and your loved ones.

If you or a loved one is struggling, team of mercy is encouraging you to reach outwe have linked you to that information on our website that is wthi tv dot com.

Back to you.


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