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Monday, July 26, 2021

Little Thistle collecting donations

Credit: KIMT
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Little Thistle collecting donations
Little Thistle collecting donations
Little Thistle collecting donations

Are on standard administrative one week ago ?

"* daunte wright was killed during a traffic stop with brooklyn center police.

Families in the community are grieving ?

"* and struggling.

A rochester brewery is stepping up to help impacted people.

Kimt news 3's jeremy wall shows us how little thistle brewing is supporting other minnesotans.

Donations are always helpful, especially when people are going through tough times.

To help families still grieving over the death of daunte wright, little thistle brewery is collecting items. the aftermath of wright's death has left brooklyn center families without access to neccesities like food and healthcare items. since friday, little thistle has been collecting donations to help.

The bins are filled with supplies such as hot chocolate, napkins, and tide laundry detergent.

The weekend?

"* long donation drive wrapped up today.

A gofundme has also been set up to help the grieving families.

In rochester, jeremy wall, at last check, more than one?

*- hundred fourteen thousand dollars have been raised.

There will be a link on kimt dot com if you'd like to give.

The money will also be used to help brooklyn center families with childcare, clothing, safe housing accomdations,