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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

23ABC Meteorologist Elaina Rusk speaks with NASA astronaut

Credit: 23ABC News | Bakersfield
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23ABC Meteorologist Elaina Rusk speaks with NASA astronaut
23ABC Meteorologist Elaina Rusk speaks with NASA astronaut

This morning, Meteorologist Elaina Rusk 23ABC spoke with NASA astronaut Doug Hurley about SpaceX's upcoming commercial mission to the ISS.

The mission is set to take off this Friday.

Well, welcome back friday.the second commercial crewISS, the International Spapartner SpaceX.

This crew,will join the expedition 6month science mission.

Andus this morning, Is Nasa alife astronaut?

Doug Hurleyou.

Good morning.

How areG eking out very excited tI love your biography, youthe last pilot of the spacand the first pilot of theshuttle, but the program hthe end of one area in theone.

Yeah, it's a great quwe had almost nine years bshuttle flight and the firDragon, which we did lastwork went into developingknow, SpaceX, the companyas well as Falcon nine.

Puof effort into building vebe human rated and get usstation.

Uh, and we rightvery hard and then a lot oLos Angeles area, workingthem getting this vehiclejust incredible crew to isMegan McArthur, AKI Hoshidare going, that's the crewcrew one which is on boardwill be replacing.

Fantastthe science that they'll bWell, we do all kinds of dwhether it's cancer researhuman body.

Uh, they do coto life here, back on eartastronauts healthy while wexposed to the different tbrings, which aren't necesthe human body.

So part ofmitigation, for example, fWe see that if we didn't dthat, you could you couldbrittle after a few monthsor for example, a longer msolar system.

So we developrotocol which helps withjust one of the many thingkeep humans healthy and ofyou're away from home forAnd so this is paving thefuture trips to mars withtrip back to the moon, espwoman and the first personto the international spaceArtemus?

Well, in many wayis only our third flight wUnited States in the lastestablishing that cadenceUnited States, uh, gettingto speed with what it's liinto space from here.

Uh,crew members, these flightto continue to contributeas well as the folks thatjust this huge combinationgot some time left with Arflying.

But it's coming upwe hope to fly the Un crewspace launch system.


And if that is succein the not too distant futon board O Ryan.

So it's ajust like it was for us foand SpaceX where we flew ifirst and then bob and I for seven months after theSo all those things have tis just part of that efforand then my last questionobviously all eyes have bethe astronauts, everyone ait been like seeing this ssteps that we've been takithis week?

Well, I think tof what Nasa does and youto do the impossible, We wmake the impossible possibour congratulations to thefor all that they've doneincredibly expiring to seefrom mars, not only of itsthe helicopter flight, it'a lot of emotion, what it'when we finally put humansthey're sending back pictupictures of humans walkingit's incredibly exciting texploring MArs and all thelearned.

So the future isknow, there's a lot lot tois just the beginning of treach back out into the sowell, thank you so much fomorning.

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