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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Wednesday Evening Weather

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Wednesday Evening Weather
Wednesday Evening Weather

16 WAPT Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Big rains this week from east texasacross Louisiana and then down alongthe gulf coast.

Look at these totalsanywhere from 3 to 7 inches in thisband.

And this area has been hit hardall springing up some spots in SouthLouisiana, south Mississippi, southAlabama over to the florida Panhandleare running 12 inches above forrainfall in the spring.

So that sincethe first of March, now you can seethis week heavy rain has really missedthe Jackson area.

There's been somepockets of heavier rain, but on averageless than an inch fell this week incentral Mississippi.

And here is theoutlook.

We've got an area of lowpressure next week which will be comingout through the western States and itlooks like continued wet weather.

Sowe'll keep an eye on that.

So we'regonna have a couple of dry days, butwe're going right back to wet weatheralright.

This weather system which wentthrough a late last evening and night,is now over the Carolinas Georgia.

Uhsome heavy rated storms there for us.

Alot of cloud cover but dry air isslowly eroding the northern edge of theclouds and they'll be not fast clearingtonight, but some breaking of theclouds and we will see the sunshinereturned for tall.

But it is in aprilfield.

Even tomorrow, temperatures willbe below average and low temperaturesare going to be below average.

Sosixties and near 70.

We should be inthe low eighties this time of the year.And the only price that's really closeto that is right down there in Biloxi88.

Mobile has 77 degrees late thisafternoon, upper sixties and a spot or2 70.

The sun is breaking through theclouds up across our northern countiesand that's why they did get to 70.

Allright here, your lows for tonight.

Thenext couple nights gonna be down in thefifties 55 tonight and tomorrow nightwe'll be down near 50 degrees sunshineand mid seventies low humidity terrificweather.

The average first day of our90 degree high is today there is nosign of a 90 degree high temperaturefor at least the next 10 days.

Howabout that?

Alright, high pressure isbuilding in and that's going to clearus out.

You can see the rain trainfinally shifting off to the east.

Theweather is all quiet.

High pressurecontrols our weather, thursday, friday,saturday and sunday by sunday.

On theback side of that moisture will beginto return and there'll be some rainDeveloping back in the plain states.

55is your low tonight, clouds slowlybreaking up tomorrow, we get to 74sunshine finally returns.

Look at thiscomfortable tomorrow night down to 50°7day forecast.

Keep that son goingthrough the weekend.

Next week, showersreturn.Mhmmm.Mhm mm.


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