5 mouthwatering ice cream sandwich recipes
5 mouthwatering ice cream sandwich recipes

Ice cream sandwichesare a classic summer treat.Here are 5 ice cream sandwich recipesthat will have your mouth watering.1.

If you love combining sweet and savory flavors,this is the bacon-coated ice cream sandwich for you.Just cook up some bacon, add a bit of maplesyrup, chop the bacon into tiny pieces, toss it ina bowl and roll your ice cream sandwich in it.2.

This classy take on the ice creamsandwich swaps out the traditional cookiefor a homemade macaron.3.

This mouthwateringly simplegluten free recipe uses just fouringredients: peanut butter, brownsugar, and an egg.The recipe’s creator forms the mix into cookies,bakes them for 10 minutes, adds ice cream and thena bonus fifth ingredient: rainbow sprinkles.4.

The recipe involves piping churro dough swirlsonto a baking sheet, freezing them, and then fryingthem up and coating them in sugar.5.

This ice cream sandwich proves thats’mores and ice cream are meant to be.Simply coat an ice cream in marshmallowfluff and lightly heat it with a blowtorchuntil it’s melted and golden brown