My Mum Hates My Tatts - So Why is She Getting One Today? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
My Mum Hates My Tatts - So Why is She Getting One Today? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A WOMAN who is 90% covered in ink has convinced her conservative mother to get a tattoo for the first time.

Kayla McMahon, 28, has splurged over $60,000 on more than 60 tattoos ever since getting her first one at the age of 15.

Kayla has also been shading both her arms in black ink to cover up the sleeves of tattoos she now regrets getting when she was younger.

Kayla received a lot of hate on social media for her unique look - some of the judgement even came from other tattoo lovers.

Growing up in a traditional family in Texas, Kayla's love for tattoos also infuriated her mother, Angie, who worried that other people would judge her daughter's inked body.

Kayla said: "My mum used to cry every single time when I got a tattoo, asking me where she went wrong in raising me." Angie once even confronted Kayla's tattoo artist, warning him not to 'give my daughter any more tattoos'.

Angie added: "I would argue and plead... It was just hard on me, but I know who she was on the inside." Gradually, their strained relationship was restored over the years as Angie learned to be more open-minded and accept Kayla for who she wants to be.

To Kayla's surprise, Angie has agreed to get a matching tattoo with her daughter to show support.

Kayla said: "It's more of a bonding moment because she wasn't an epic fan of tattoos and now she's finally getting one which I never thought would happen ever in my life." Will Angie like her very first tattoo?