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Monday, October 25, 2021

Wednesday Evening Forecast June 30, 2021

Credit: WXMI - Scripps
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Wednesday Evening Forecast June 30, 2021
Wednesday Evening Forecast June 30, 2021
Upper 80s expected by Sunday

KALAMAZOO, LK, FOX 17 NEWS.wx open sot openWest Mihcigan has finallyemerged fromthe very wet weather patternthat featured aw fewaves of severe weather overthe pastweek.

Over the next 24 hoursthere will stillbe the chance for some sctateredshowers to develop, and perhapseven athunderstorm.

It's important tonote thatmost of the time it will not beraining.

Theother thign that has been sonoticeablerecently is the humidity.

DewpointssinceS aturday have beenhovering at roabove 70 degrees which has madeit feellike Florida in Michigan.Tomorrowthe dew points will graduallyslip from themid 60s to the mid 50s duringthe course ofthe day.

As high pressure buildsinFriday and Saturday, theforecast featuresplenty of sun, comfortabletemperatures and lw odew points.The 4th ofJuly lokos warmer and slightlymore humidand there are early indicationsthat thepattern may turn more activeagain by themiddle of next week.7 DAY FORECASTFIREWORKS WILL BE MORE

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