I've Finally Accepted I'm A Bearded Woman | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
I've Finally Accepted I'm A Bearded Woman | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

VANESSA Ramirez, from Buckeye, Arizona, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome when she was around 14 years old.

Vanessa started noticing hair developing on her face which really affected her confidence.

She told Truly: "I really hated it, I would cover my face or have my head down all the time... I just really didn't let anyone get too close to me." Vanessa started shaving her facial hair in an attempt to hide it from the world, but would notice later the same day that she would be getting stubble once again.

It got to the point where Vanessa struggled going outside, "I didn't like people to see it at all, I was worried about what they would think, so I did shave a lot everyday." However, after years of low confidence and hiding away, Vanessa decided that enough was enough and she put the razor down for good.

Since that minute, Vanessa's confidence has gone from strength to strength and she wanted to do something to show just how far she had come.

"Six months ago I started growing a beard and today I decided to finally show it to the public." Today we see Vanessa take the huge leap and show off her beard to the public for the first time... But how will she feel?

Vanessa hopes to inspire other young women who have been through PCOS to accept themselves.

She added: "Don't be afraid to rock what you got!" https://www.instagram.com/glitter.beardeddragon/