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Monday, October 25, 2021

Nueces County Health Director talks about the COVID-19 Delta variant

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Nueces County Health Director talks about the COVID-19 Delta variant
Nueces County Health Director talks about the COVID-19 Delta variant

And tell me so we're seeinnumbers and hospitalizatioAre we starting to see thaChristi Nueces County areaunfortunately.

But yes.

Anfew weeks ago we were, you16 hospitalizations were tare finally, you know, comfairly well.

You know, thezero, but they're definitethe high fifties we were sago, But now everybody knolast few days we've been aSo yesterday we were at 49the day before 40 for theso those numbers have justto rise in the hospitals.when it comes to this newthat this delta variant ismore prevalent in the Unitseveral states.

Um have wein Westerns County yet?

Orthat just yet.

You know, wdocument that shows that win Oasis County but it seethat delta variant is circCounty just because of thecases that have increasedyou know, So everything iswe have a variant that's mhere in our community.

Andany testing that maybe woufuture to determine if theto start sending some of overify if it's Delta.

So tdifferent in the originaleven in the alpha variantAnd that this one you're athat have like the severehaving trouble swallowingfor those individuals thatwe're starting to send thaNow the issue is it takesget results.

But still weif the DELTA is circulatinSo why is it important?

Iseen um you know instancespeople are getting the virseen cases of the delta vainto um you know fully vacwell.

But it seems you knothat without being vaccinais it for people to get fuYou know it is really impocontact tracing, you know,last week and a half.

Andthese individuals becausesaid, many of them have noDon't have any desire to bso we're just trying to takind of understand what thwhy they haven't been vacclot of the ones that I'vetheir concern has been forknow, they're there, thisyou know, Pfizer, the M.

RI give it to my 12 year olhappens to them?

You know,things happened with J.

Another vaccines And so justthem some relief.

One of tI remind them is that I hame every day asking me a nbeen approved for my fiveyou have doctors that areget those vaccines for theuh for their Children, I tfor our community to rememtheir child vaccinated ifwas a possibility of harmAnd I think that's reallywe need to remember that uyou're right up there justI'm able to get covid 19 ime has the virus, even ifand they don't know it.

Soto get vaccinated.

And I asaid, these people that uhI've talked to this last woutbreak cases.

So vaccinethey got sick.

But one ofI'm so grateful that I gotfully vaccinated because Iand who knows what uh thebeen if I got it before IHe said this time it was mprobably moderate and mediwe don't see it as moderata mild symptomatic uh, virgrateful for that.

And andAnd so, um, when it comesindividuals, we have seenhave gotten COVID-19.

Oh,that's everywhere.

You knosay at least um, a coupleAnd that's the main thing.we are vaccinated and we git just feels like a typicWe're all okay with that.with is we get a flu and won a ventilator.

That doesanybody.

And so the vaccinthat from happening.

And twe want to impress upon peSo that way that doesn't hwants to spend any time infor a virus, you know, sosaying it's a lot like a sthen we quickly found outflu.

See the flu doesn't uthe hospital.

So again, gedon't ever worry about havor be put on a ventilatorscary for family members athat's being put on the veand then when, when it comum, several of these restrpreviously have been relaxmask wearing in public plasome places here that do rthe bars here, um, aren'tUm, so should people not la lot of people in one areconsider wearing a mask?

Aand I don't, I know that pto hear that they want tomask and you're good to govaccinated.

People are ateven picking up the varianare not vaccinated, they fwhat we're seeing now is tthey're younger.

And the ris because that's that ageand 35 40 that they kind oI haven't gotten it yet, Ia half.

What makes me thinit now, I'll just be withofine.

But they're gettingup hospitalized and they'rICU.

And so that's where wdon't know that people actand I wish there was a waythat to them, show that toonly way it becomes real,you is when it becomes onemembers and then it's realface and they're like, ohhave made that decision toso I'm hoping that we canbefore that happens.

But tseeing.

We're seeing a youhospitalized And only becabeen vaccinated.

So I thinabout 99.5% of those thathave not been vaccinated.some credibility for the vworks.

It's available to ua vaccine preventable, decreason people should be pito the extent of being hoswould just get follow your other publiWe don't want anybody to fhand washing is so importaalmost not the most importcan do is constantly washito the point that you breaI've seen people do that tis breaking down, then itanymore because your handsyour best protection.

Andhands, you know for at leayour nose and mouth if youespecially if you're in coif you're traveling, you kfor a plane or a train orBut if you're traveling, ya mask.

If you're inside uyou know, there's high infshould be wearing your masbecause this is how this tknow, we have the 4th of Jof seeing those uh those nand it's at the optimal tibe seeing at around 7-8 daThat's when you start seeiAnd so it makes sense to utracing.

But public healthwant to go through this agdoesn't want to go throughthe hospitals don't want tagain.

So do your part.

Ifget vaccinated, hey, that'make you know?

But where yit's ok if you wanna get vokay if you end up in theyou're putting an extra bumedical people to have toof another covid patient.trying to avoid.

Perfect.can you find some numbersof hospitalizations and cais that still on the websibe on the website.

But aganumbers were probably 17 oa day and now we're almostthan double wow.

Is therelike to say on this topic?just be aware of what's goof where you're going if y

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