From Lockdown Sweatpants To Ultimate Glam | TRANSFORMED
From Lockdown Sweatpants To Ultimate Glam | TRANSFORMED

JORDAN Dahiya, 19, is a singer-songwriter from Chicago.

Previously, she was known as an extremely outgoing, creative person - often spending her evenings playing at live music venues.

But, like for many people, 2020 was a tough year for Jordan.

Living in lockdown in her new college dorm room impacted her mental health severely, she ended up dropping out of her university, then went through a relationship breakup.

Left being unable to do the thing she loves most - performing music live - she stopped making an effort with her outer appearance.

Baggy, dark clothes and sweatpants have become her uniform.

“I'm not good at picking out clothes, I don't know what goes together," she explained.

“My friends consistently joke about my closet full of sweatpants, which I wish I could say was a myth.

When I say that's all I wear.

I'm not kidding.” At Thanksgiving, she wore fitted joggers for her ‘fancier outfit’.

After encouragement from her close friend Dayton, Jordan is finally ready to take the plunge and update her style.

“I'm ready to get back on my feet, and for my style to reflect that," she said.

In this episode of Transformed Jordan will go from "just woke up” to a glitzy Kylie Jenner inspired transformation, including a radical hair change.

But what will her reaction be to this extreme makeover?

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