Man dumbfounded by parents’ surprise babysitting request
Man dumbfounded by parents’ surprise babysitting request

A man just wanted to spend time withhis father but felt ambushed by his stepmom.He shared the incident on Reddit's "Am I the A***.He lives far from his dad so he hadn't seen him inseven months.

When he told his father he was makingthe long drive to visit, his dad was excited."I asked if it was cool for me to stay there sowe can hang out and do something on Saturday.My dad said that would be great.

I made the drivegot there by Friday night”.“Saturday morning my stepmom is saying meand my bro should go to the beach or somethingfun out of the house.

But I told her my dad and Ihad plans to have some guy time”.“She said they had plans already.

When I talkedto my dad he said he was sorry … She thought thiswould be a great time for them to go out”.He tried to reason with his parents but they werebeing stubborn about the situation.

"My dad thoughtwe could do something together on Sunday.

ButSunday was literally when I was leaving”.“I got pretty mad at him, I told him I didn’tdrive for hours to babysit … So I just got mystuff and made the drive back home”.Reddit users thought the parents werein the wrong here.

"What an incredibly entitledand selfish woman," one person wrote