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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Addressing violence in downtown Lexington

Credit: WLEX-TV LEX18
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Addressing violence in downtown Lexington
Addressing violence in downtown Lexington

Parents are concerned about recent violence in downtown Lexington, and one mother is begging the community to work together.

Parents are concerned abouin downtown Lexington andthe community to work togegonna continue losing ChilChildren losing Children ikilling Children.

That's Alost her teenage son lastthe community to put an enLexington police have beenmultiple shootings in theone this past weekend evenPollock goes in depth.

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Many arearea, including this pastmonth on Old Georgetown StPolice Chief Lawrence Weatis no different from trendsaying that quite a bit acis that are people that arare getting younger.

Whatthese people who have thesyou keep them off the streWell, um, I think one of tbest things that would bewhen you're talking aboutbe involved and that's whewhether your teacher, Whetcitizen.

In some cases it'is 17 year old Berkeley Paand killed just outside ofback in august.

His mothernumber of ways the communitogether to try and combatviolence.

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Haparents need to be involveand those who spend time weyes and ears.

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