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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Debunking myths about suicide

Credit: KPAX - Western Montana
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Debunking myths about suicide
Debunking myths about suicide

It's suicide prevention Wethat related to suicide anstep in if you find someonof help to help make a difSuicide Prevention Day.


Hegstrom of Lewis ansays Star Prevention efformental health help for youneed it when it comes to nwith mental health issuesby the age of 14 75% by ththose things are happeningif we can get help when thagain, we're just have fedsome of the issues stem frothers are chemical imbalais key.

There are also somto suicide prevention, somuse a particular device toand they don't have accessto immediately replace itSo if they can't jump offuse something else.

But adon't replace.

And if theypick something that's lessadds another misconceptionof suicide.

People who havthought will always be suiis that if people get thethey'll probably never beIt goes against our survivpeople don't actually wantwant their pain to end.

Sothere is one thing we canmontanans that are thinkinown life.

Really, the bestgive to people who are suithink about what they're dreally goes against our suIf you or you know, someonabout suicide call the NatLifeline, it's available s