My 24/7 Ventilator Hasn't Stopped Me Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
My 24/7 Ventilator Hasn't Stopped Me Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

SHELBY Lynch, from Leeds, UK, was diagnosed with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2 at 18 months old.

This is a muscle wasting condition that left her needing a wheelchair and an air ventilator.

Shelby has taken the modelling world by storm and is on a mission to educate people about disabilities through her very successful social media platforms. Shelby told Truly: "I campaign a lot for disabilities, so I try to educate people through humour and through trends that are going on, on TikTok and a lot of them do really well." However she has received some truly horrible comments on her uploads, Shelby said: "It gets a bit much sometimes, some of them are borderline death threats.

Like, 'I'm going to unplug your machine', or 'I'm going to push you down the stairs'." Despite these awful comments Shelby refuses to let the haters make any impact on her life and is pressing on with her modelling and social media work.

Today Shelby is going to be joined by her friend Rylie, for a 'hot disabled girl summer photoshoot'.

"My body confidence is expressing who I am through pictures and Instagram and then sharing that online with other people, so then they feel confident in their bodies as well." Shelby added: "What I want to do is make disabled bodies more represented because we're all so beautiful but people don't think we are." Shelby: TikTok - Instagram - Twitter - Fanvid - Rylie: TikTok - Instagram - Twitch - Twitter -