French Drones, Jets, Commandos, Kill Terror Mastermind
French Drones, Jets, Commandos, Kill Terror Mastermind

TONGO TONGO, NIGER — French special forces tracked down and killed the ISIS terrorist who masterminded the 2017 ambush in Niger that killed four American Green Berets.

The Washington Post reports that the French government claimed on Thursday September 16 that it had killed the top Islamist terrorist who orchestrated the 2017 ambush that killed four American soldiers in Niger.

Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi was the leader of an affiliate of ISIS called the Islamic State in Greater Sahara.

He is also believed to have ordered the murder of six French aid workers in 2020.

The French military says it managed to kill Al-Sahrawi in August in a drone strike but had to wait to make sure it really was him.

The operation followed months of commando assaults and drone strikes in the lawless area between Niger and Mali.

Eventually, with information gleaned from two captured colleagues of Al-Sahrawi, French special forces attacked specific positions.

Drones and fighter jets killed around a dozen militants while a small group of soldiers attacked a hideout in a forest.

A drone then attacked and killed a pair of militants fleeing on a motorcycle, and the French government believes Al-Sahrawi was one of the two militants killed in that drone strike.

Al-Sahrawi was the mastermind behind the 2017 ambush on a joint Niger and U.S. recon mission that left four U.S. Green Berets dead and two wounded, with at least four Niger soldiers also killed.

Afterwards, the militants published footage from the helmet camera of one of the killed Green Berets, showing the last minutes of that soldier.