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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Today's Forecast: Cloudy, muggy, spotty showers

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Today's Forecast: Cloudy, muggy, spotty showers
Today's Forecast: Cloudy, muggy, spotty showers

Michaela, Thank you very mto you.

And good morning tas well.

Let's take a lookFox 47 future track.

Thismodel that will outline grthinks will happen over thAnd you can see, we'll picwhen I put this in the motto see kind of a counterclmotion here, there's an arsitting overhead.

Rememberrevolves around those lowsdirection, in which the clcan see the center of circsouth and east of Detroitof lake area.

Everything itoday, mainly cloudy skiesout there as well and fromspotty too scattered showebe rotating on through theacross central and southerSo it's not gonna rain allbe a rumble of thunder outkeep the rain gear or at lhandy notice how this kindthe time we go through theovernight hours ended earlThere's not a whole lot goI still think we're stocktskies as we go through ourdiminish that cloudiness wwind.

That's one thing aboLakes here, especially acrlower michigan any kind ofthe north and east tends tso that should help to erodeck as we get into Tuesdaas we get into Tuesday, Ito break out at least a liwith drier conditions.

Bynight into Wednesday, thergoing on, partly cloudy skcan see is a forecast modefrom the south with anotheto thicken the cloud coverday.

This model is tryingof the I 94 corridor is prsprinkles.

I think the betbe as we get into actuallyand then going into thursdwill likely be more apprecby that time.

So as we loothen for the area for todagray cloudy day at times,showers out there can't ruthunder today, but we're nsevere weather and it's stlittle muggy.

One other thtoo is that through the eahours here, we may have sofog out there as well.

We'70 72 degrees on Tuesday wbegin to see some sunshinethe day.

We'll call it pararound 71 were in the low,on Wednesday with partly cskies.

And then already weincrease the moisture chantime we get into thursdayof rain coming in with temlow to mid seventies therethe chance of some spottyinto saturday morning andmorning with highs in thethough it may be dull andinto the beginning of octocould be and frankly theySo the fact that we're repthe cloud cover, that's nooctober.

So keep that in mat your forecast everybody

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