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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Annual Enrollment | Morning Blend

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Annual Enrollment | Morning Blend
Annual Enrollment | Morning Blend
UnitedHealthcare Open Enrollment

Little health insurance toreally right around the coon your family's health plmaking smart decisions joiMadsen who's uh, we're excyour brain during this timit's a little overwhelming foff, how are you today?

I'for having me here.

Well,here and you know.

Okay, Oget down to the nitty gritjust a term that people haexplain what open enrollmeabout.

Open enrollment atyou select the health beneand your family for e thcousually about 2-3 weeks inin an employer sponsored pmiddle of October to the bit is the specific time.

Whealth care?

Is it only duusually unless you have ait's usually this time ofthrough the calendar yearof the following year.

Andand individual, we got toto pick your brain a littlwe find those right plansour familiesWh.

At are somjust under half of peopleto change their plan as awhich is understandable.

Sin your own life, but alsobeing offered to you, hashave the specifics of thespend a little bit of timea box and move on and assunot only the premium, thatcomes out of your paycheckThat's the amount you payyour insurance kicks in.

Awant anyone getting a costsure that your providers ayour hospitals are in thein their family take, makewhat we call the formula,Often at a lower cost A.

Iin there because you saidand talking about the pandthat paroft what we're seright now as we get readyenrollment time?

The two ton before the pandemic, buas a result of it.

One isor virtual care.

We know pget to the doctor's officetheir computer through tirwe know 90% of people eithor have plans to use it.

SWe see that really accelerand we expect to see contiwellness program, so it'sabout 70% of employers offwith up to $600 in incentias well as to stay healthyof giving your 20 years ofyou want to leave viewersdo they need to keep in mia quarter of people spendon open enrollment.

Then wuse their health benefits,or they don't understand ta little bit of time asideunderstand what's being ofthat yourself and your famwellness programs. I likededicating the time necesslearn even more of the thitalked about you.

Hc dot c

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