Lego Vows To Remove Gender Bias From Its Toys
Lego Vows To Remove Gender Bias From Its Toys

Lego Vows To Remove , Gender Bias From Its Toys.

The toymaker made the announcement on Oct.

11 after research found girls were being limited by gender stereotypes.


Lego said it doesn't want children's ambitions to be restricted by gender.

The company will ensure any child, regardless of gender identity, feels they can build anything they like.

It is not yet known how Lego intends to bring about these changes.

But it was revealed to NBC News that the company's product and marketing department has shifted to focusing on "passions and interests.".

The benefits of creative play such as building confidence, creativity and communication skills are felt by all children and yet we still experience age-old stereotypes that label activities as only being suitable for one specific gender, Julia Goldin, chief product and marketing officer, via statement.

Pragya Agarwal, behavioral scientist and visiting professor of inequities and social justice at England's Loughborough University, weighed in on the matter.

The idea that girls and boys play or should play with different toys is harmful — it reinforces harmful stereotypes, Pragya Agarwal, via NBC News.

Meanwhile, on Oct.

9, California became the first state to require large department stores to display products such as toys in gender-neutral ways