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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Inmate dies at Raymond Detention Center

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Inmate dies at Raymond Detention Center
Inmate dies at Raymond Detention Center
Jail detainee dies after assault involving other prisoners, HCSO says

Just behind these doors, mondayafternoon, the hinds County Sheriff'soffice was notified of an altercationbetween several inmates leaving one mandead.

The preliminary report suggeststhat one of detainees identified asMichael Richardson was assaulted by twoother detainees as a result of theassault, Richardson seemed to haveexperienced a medical episode.

Theincident took place in pod a of thedetention center, which Chrysler sayshas yet to be renovated.

When I tellyou the conditions of that part meritsimmediate renovations that cannot beoverstated.

Now, the Sheriff's officeis calling for an immediate improvementon the conditions within the jail.Something Chrisler says has been anongoing issue for years.

Doors notlocking.

Sales are not habitable.

Uh,we have, um, a lot of issues.

This hasbeen an issue that's been going on fortwo decades.

Uh, this is not justhappening.

It is uh, quite frankly at astage of deterioration that it can nolonger be ignored.

Chrisler wasaccompanied by board of supervisorspresident cradle calhoun and hopestheir resources and other monetaryefforts come soon to assist with thejails conditions.

We know thedifficulties, We have spent millions ofdollars since this board took officeand we continue to do that.

While thecause of Richardson's death is not yetknown, the Sheriff's Office says theyplan to do everything they can toensure the safety and well being ofeveryone inside the detention center.Again, we will not rest into thoseresponsible.

Mr Richardson death arebrought to justice regarding any otherdetails involving this incident thathas been handed to the MississippiBureau of Investigation.

But the HindsCounty Sheriff's Office says that theywill be conducting their owninvestigation to ensure that if anyoneelse is involved in the incident, thatthey will be held accountable reportingat the Raymond detention center, CaraPeters 16 Wap.