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Space Command Survey Team in Huntsville

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL - Published
Space Command Survey Team in Huntsville

Space Command Survey Team in Huntsville

A survey team is in Huntsville collecting data on Redstone Arsenal to see if it has the resources needed to host the Space Command.


New at 5 -- waay 31 has confirmed a survey team is in huntsville right now ... as they find a home for the united states space command.

They're on redstone arsenal through the week.

Thanks for joining us -- i'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

Waay31's steven dilsizian joins us live at the army post now to tell us about what's happening inside the gates.

Commander smith tells me the survey crew will be here all week long collecting data.

Im told a final decision is months away.

Keep in mind -- this headquarters would only be for the "space command."

That's seperate from the space force or space corps.

When congress approved the plans for a 6th branch of the military -- it was called the space force.

But -- the house armed services committee voted to create the space corps, which would be a different name for the same thing.

The space command -- which could put its head quarters at redstone -- is part of the air force for now.

It was disbanded in 2002, but lawmakers in both parties

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