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Fake Porsche from Russia Is Actually a Lada, The Badge Looks Nice

fake porsche from russia is actually a lada, the badge looks nice
The original Porsche Boxster isn't exactly the most sought-after sportscar on the used vehicle market. Due to mixed feelings about the styling of the machine, depreciation hasn't been kind to the..
autoevolution - Published

McLaren GT Gets Clean Redesign, Looks More Like a Supercar

mclaren gt gets clean redesign, looks more like a supercar
Analyzing McLaren's modus operandi from the carmaker's 2011 road car return to last year reveals a patern that could hardly lead to surprises. Or could it? Well, it's easy to notice that Woking's..
autoevolution - Published

Tesla Releases Do It Yourself Manual for Model 3

tesla releases do it yourself manual for model 3
Owning a modern-day car is a much more demanding experience than it used to be years ago. There are a lot of settings to be adjusted, boxes to be checked and buttons, virtual or otherwise, to be..
autoevolution - Published

Formula 1 Legend Niki Lauda Dies at 70

formula 1 legend niki lauda dies at 70
A no-nonsense chairman and a racing legend. This is how Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix describes one of its main figures, the former three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda, who on May 20 passed away..
autoevolution - Published Also reported by •MotorAuthority

2020 BMW M8 Convertible spy shots and video

2020 bmw m8 convertible spy shots and video
A prototype for the convertible version of the soon-to-be-revealed BMW M8 has been spotted again. The M8 represents the performance pinnacle of the BMW lineup, with the car being prepped as Munich’s..
MotorAuthority - Published

First drive review: 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe clarifies the performance SUV

first drive review: 2020 porsche cayenne coupe clarifies the performance suv
The jagged line that separates Austria and Slovenia on a map looks like it traces the sharp bends of a river, but it doesn’t. There is no physical barrier between Austria, where I shuffle a 2020..
MotorAuthority - Published

Bring a Trailer launches premium auction tiers with focus on big-money collector cars

bring a trailer launches premium auction tiers with focus on big-money collector cars
Bring a Trailer is expanding its services to cater to the big boys. The online auction site, which oversees the sale of thousands of vintage and neo-classic cars, announced last Thursday two new..
MotorAuthority - Published

Golf 8 GTI Confirmed by VW USA, Sedans Expected to Stabilize

golf 8 gti confirmed by vw usa, sedans expected to stabilize
Cool cars are about the only thing VW USA does right consistently. And despite a lack of general interest in hatchbacks at the moment, the future of both the Mk8 Golf and the GTI version of that is..
autoevolution - Published

2019 Suzuki Jimny Manual vs. Automatic Acceleration: Which Is Slower?

2019 suzuki jimny manual vs. automatic acceleration: which is slower?
Forget about the Toyota Supra and how fast it supposedly goes. Life is a constant rush, so you need a car that's slow, looks cool and lets you take in the sights. We can't think of anything better than..
autoevolution - Published

Watch the 2020 BMW 1 Series Getting Partially Unwrapped Ahead of Debut

watch the 2020 bmw 1 series getting partially unwrapped ahead of debut
Scheduled for May 27th, the official debut of the new BMW 1 Series is about a week away. However, the Bavarian marketing machine has been busy keeping attention levels high. Last week, we got to see..
autoevolution - Published

Creamy Volkswagen Up! Has VR6 Engine Swap, Looks Worthersee-Ready

creamy volkswagen up! has vr6 engine swap, looks worthersee-ready
VW fans may be falling in love with the Up! just in time to save this little rascal. The CEOs that once wanted to ax it have been silent recently. The Up! GTI with its affordable entry into the GTI..
autoevolution - Published

Hellcat-powered, two-door Jeep Gladiator is already a thing

hellcat-powered, two-door jeep gladiator is already a thing
Hellcat all the things! The Jeep Gladiator has been at dealerships for mere weeks, but one company has already shortened the pickup, added a bed cap, and swapped in a Hellcat V-8 engine. That company..
MotorAuthority - Published

Audi Q7 Split in Half After Crash in Russia Is Suspicious

audi q7 split in half after crash in russia is suspicious
Not many people know this, but certain cars are designed to intentionally split in half in the event of a crash. They're called supercars. The heavy engine of an Audi R8, for example, might otherwise..
autoevolution - Published

Infiniti QX50 Gets Larte Design Body Kit, Looks Mazda-Like

infiniti qx50 gets larte design body kit, looks mazda-like
We can't remember what Larte Design did before it got into SUVs, but the Russian tuner has been playing with these automotive giants longer than most. They deserve more credit and we decided to do just..
autoevolution - Published

GM dials up new digital vehicle platform to support future technology

gm dials up new digital vehicle platform to support future technology
General Motors on Monday showed off its latest electronic platform to support the needs of future vehicles as more technology seeps into them. The electrical architecture will provide the structure for..
MotorAuthority - Published

E30 BMW 3 Series at Tesla Supercharger Is Recycling in Style

e30 bmw 3 series at tesla supercharger is recycling in style
Tired of only hearing about the newest Teslas and how they're faster than your favorite BMW? Not even the M3 is safe, while the classics seem positively outdated. However, a man by the name of Jon Volk..
autoevolution - Published

Genesis says it will off its V-8 engine

genesis says it will off its v-8 engine
The V-8 engine will reportedly not be a part of Genesis' future as the brand looks at tightening emissions regulations around the globe. Car and Driver reported the V-8 engine's death at Genesis last..
MotorAuthority - Published

2019 Renault Scenic, Grand Scenic Now Available As Black Edition

2019 renault scenic, grand scenic now available as black edition
Based on the Intens trim level, the Black Edition is quite expensive. Only €600 separates the Scenic from the Grand Scenic in this specification, and the price starts at €33,100 in France. Now..
autoevolution - Published

Green cooking machine: Rivian R1T Overland concept sports a kitchen

green cooking machine: rivian r1t overland concept sports a kitchen
Rivian has been busy in the past few months, inking a partnership with Ford and preparing for vehicle production. However, the startup electric vehicle company took the time to invade the Overland Expo..
MotorAuthority - Published

Best Used Large SUVs: Fifth Gear Likes Volvo XC90 Over Discovery and Q7

best used large suvs: fifth gear likes volvo xc90 over discovery and q7
SUVs are in right now, like it or now, though if you're reading this right now, chances are you're already a fan. But what should you buy if you want that big luxury 4x4 experience but can't afford..
autoevolution - Published

GLB-Class Spied Testing in Electric Mode: EQB or Plug-in Hybrid?

glb-class spied testing in electric mode: eqb or plug-in hybrid?
Mercedes has been making these compact cars since 2011, longer if you include the smaller, less popular stuff. However, with the exception of the B-Class Electric Drive of 2014, none of them rolled..
autoevolution - Published

2020 Lincoln Corsair priced: Much-improved MKC replacement starts at $36,940

2020 lincoln corsair priced: much-improved mkc replacement starts at $36,940
Lincoln has replaced the MKC with a much-improved model for 2020 dubbed the Corsair. It will go on sale later this year priced from $36,940, including destination, and prices can quickly inflate from..
MotorAuthority - Published

Dynatrac Codex Is Not Your Average 2020 Jeep Gladiator

dynatrac codex is not your average 2020 jeep gladiator
In the mid-size segment, there’s nothing more expensive than the 2020 Gladiator. Jeep wants $33,545 before destination charge for the most affordable trim level, the Sport. Even at that price point,..
autoevolution - Published

NASA Releases Moon 2024 Mission Trailer

nasa releases moon 2024 mission trailer
America is going back to the Moon, and this time it is going to stay. In 2024, NASA will launch a fresh batch of astronauts toward the Moon, as part of a program with more than its fair share of..
autoevolution - Published

Ferrari hybrid, 2020 Karma Revero GT, 2020 Toyota Supra TRD parts: Today's Car News

ferrari hybrid, 2020 karma revero gt, 2020 toyota supra trd parts: today's car news
Ferrari will launch a new hybrid supercar on May 31, and the performance is expected to eclipse that of the LaFerrari, Ferrari's first hybrid. This shouldn't be a surprise, as the 986-horsepower output..
MotorAuthority - Published

Ford to Fire 7,000 Employees Worldwide

ford to fire 7,000 employees worldwide
In an effort to cut both expenses and bureaucracy, American car manufacturer Ford is on the verge of letting go around 7,000 people, most of them working in white-collar positions across the world,..
autoevolution - Published

Connected Cars Could Significantly Cut Travel Time, Cambridge Research Finds

connected cars could significantly cut travel time, cambridge research finds
All the entities working toward the creation of the world's first truly self-driving car are pointing to the fact that autonomous vehicles (AV) will significantly improve safety for all those on the..
autoevolution - Published

BMW M8 Convertible Hunts Down New X6 M on Nurburgring, Chase Is Brutal

bmw m8 convertible hunts down new x6 m on nurburgring, chase is brutal
If you've just landed from the past (perhaps the time machine had been invented for quite a while and it was kept secret, who knows?), you might be surprised to find out that both prototypes mentioned..
autoevolution - Published

2019 Renault Megane Lineup Updated With 1.7 Blue dCi 150 Turbo Diesel

2019 renault megane lineup updated with 1.7 blue dci 150 turbo diesel
Another model year, another engine for the Megane. The compact model from Renault is now available with a 1.7-liter turbo diesel, the Blue dCi 150 that comes standard with a dual-clutch automatic..
autoevolution - Published

Karma presents 2020 Revero GT in North America, announces battery-electric platform

karma presents 2020 revero gt in north america, announces battery-electric platform
Following its world debut in April at Auto Shanghai 2019, the 2020 Kamra Revero GT has now been presented on local soil. The updated extended-range electric sedan was presented on Thursday at Karma's..
MotorAuthority - Published

Lamborghini Urus Drag Races Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Obliteration Follows

lamborghini urus drag races jeep grand cherokee trackhawk, obliteration follows
A drag race between the Lamborghini Urus and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk easily deserves the Clash Of Titans label. Heck, using good old notions such as bang-for-buck or power-to-weight is enough..
autoevolution - Published

Toyota Hits Back at Trump Over Being Deemed a National Security Threat

toyota hits back at trump over being deemed a national security threat
Late last week, the White House issued a proclamation about the impact of auto imports on section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, saying they pose a serious national security threat. The..
autoevolution - Published

Tesla Model 3 Drag Races BMW M2 Competition, Heavy Crushing Follows

tesla model 3 drag races bmw m2 competition, heavy crushing follows
This is an uber-exciting time for us car aficionados, with the electrification war meaning we get to enjoy fierce battles between ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) heroes and electron juice sippers. And..
autoevolution - Published

13-Year-Old Boy Leads Police on 100mph Chase in Stolen Chevy Impala

13-year-old boy leads police on 100mph chase in stolen chevy impala
A couple of 13-year-old boys from Otter Tail City, Minnesota, thought they were in for a fun night when they got inside a 2010 Chevrolet Impala and went for a drive. The fun stopped when a police..
autoevolution - Published

MultiPro Tailgate In 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Started As An Idea In 2009

multipro tailgate in 2019 gmc sierra 1500 started as an idea in 2009
For the 2019 model year, the GMC Sierra is all new from the ground up. But as opposed to the Silverado from Chevrolet, the half-ton pickup with luxurious appointments has an ace up its sleeve. Enter..
autoevolution - Published

Get a taste of the explosive acceleration of the new hybrid Ferrari

get a taste of the explosive acceleration of the new hybrid ferrari
Ferrari is set to unveil a hybrid supercar on May 31, and information gleaned from an invite to the unveiling recently mailed to loyal customers revealed the car will have 986 horsepower. A video of a..
MotorAuthority - Published

Shirtless Florida Man Steals Police Cruiser, Does 150mph With It

shirtless florida man steals police cruiser, does 150mph with it
Florida man is at it again: Shane Jensen was arrested and charged after he stole a police cruiser and trying to elude cops in it by doing 150mph. He still got caught in the end. A Florida Highway..
autoevolution - Published

2020 BMW X2 M35i Shines Blue in Extensive New Gallery

2020 bmw x2 m35i shines blue in extensive new gallery
In September last year, German carmaker BMW presented the X2 M35i, the high-performance-flavored version of the SUV aimed at attracting more young customers to the brand. Last week, a few months after..
autoevolution - Published

Lamborghini Urus ST-X Production Model Could (And Should) Happen

lamborghini urus st-x production model could (and should) happen
Maurizio Reggiani is the head of research & development at Lamborghini, and under his watch, the engineers came up with instant classics such as the Performante and SVJ. Looking forward to the next..
autoevolution - Published

Van Passenger Impaled by Tripod Thrown From Overpass, Survives

van passenger impaled by tripod thrown from overpass, survives
A van for transporting veterans free of charge came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the highway in Sacramento, California, when a tripod thrown from an overpass smashed right through the windshield...
autoevolution - Published

TRD rolls out first parts for the 2020 Toyota Supra

trd rolls out first parts for the 2020 toyota supra
Let's not kid ourselves, the Toyota Supra is one of many poster children for aftermarket modifications. Toyota is very much aware of the car's status among the enthusiast crowd, which is why it already..
MotorAuthority - Published

Canadian Police to Use “Scarecrow” Cops to Catch Speedsters

canadian police to use “scarecrow” cops to catch speedsters
One Australian cop hid in the bushes on the median of a highway in the hope of catching speedsters with his radar gun, but the Canadian police have him beat at this game: they will be using cutouts to..
autoevolution - Published

Toyota Supra Chases 992 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet On Nurburgring, Goes Hard

toyota supra chases 992 porsche 911 turbo cabriolet on nurburgring, goes hard
It's no secret that, at times, spy videos raise just as many questions as the ones they answer. Let's take the clip we have here, for instance, which comes from the Nurburgring. This piece of spy media..
autoevolution - Published

Terrorism concerns forced "The Grand Tour" to scrap a Middle Eastern adventure

terrorism concerns forced the grand tour to scrap a middle eastern adventure
The original “Top Gear” specials were always popular, as they would see hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May create laughs, often by embarrassing themselves, in interesting places..
MotorAuthority - Published

Florida Man Sets Wife’s House on Fire, Flees in General Lee-Painted Charger

florida man sets wife’s house on fire, flees in general lee-painted charger
Much like a beloved character on the popular “Game of Thrones” series, one Florida man wanted to see it all burn. So he set his ex-wife’s house on fire and then tried to flee the cops in his..
autoevolution - Published

VW's new entry-level crossover for US to be badged a Tarek

vw's new entry-level crossover for us to be badged a tarek
The United States misses out on the compact T-Roc crossover SUV, but local Volkswagen fans can look forward to a similar sized offering from the German automaker in the next couple of years. The new..
MotorAuthority - Published

2020 Skoda Superb Shows Up in First Official Clip

2020 skoda superb shows up in first official clip
Only three days are left until Skoda unveils the facelift version for the top of the range Superb model, and the excitement grows on the European market that fell in love with the nameplate since its..
autoevolution - Published

NASA Shows Spacecraft That Will Carry the 2020 Rover to Mars

nasa shows spacecraft that will carry the 2020 rover to mars
About a year is left until NASA's most important rover in years departs for Mars in what is likely to be a crucial mission for the future plans to colonize the neighboring planet. In the remaining..
autoevolution - Published

2019 Mercedes-Benz ESF Spawns a Small Robot to Warn Others of an Incident Ahead

2019 mercedes-benz esf spawns a small robot to warn others of an incident ahead
The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLE was only introduced last autumn, but the car is already getting ready to take on a more active role in society, putting new clothes and ever more technology..
autoevolution - Published

Decision on pure electric BMW i8 reportedly coming soon

decision on pure electric bmw i8 reportedly coming soon
BMW just introduced an updated version of its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car for 2019, which means the automaker will soon need to think about plans for a successor. The new car is expected around the..
MotorAuthority - Published

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