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Friday, December 3, 2021


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Where those proceeds will be goin?

"we have a crisis in this country, there's no question about it."

"this is an unbelievable amount of evil that we cannot comprehend."

The nation is gripped in grief this weekend?

Following two mass shootings in less than 24 hours.

Fox news corresponde nt ray bogan has more from el paso, texas two mass shootings in 24 hours.

Now one shooter is dead, another will face the death penalty, and dozens of families are planning funerals.

Overnight, tragedy struck america again as a gunmen wearing black body armor killed nine and injured dozens more in a dayton, ohio bar.

"it's like a popping noise.

I thought it might have been a car or something.but when i found out, everybody, i was looking like 'why is everybody running?'" law enforcement arrived in seconds and killed the shooter.

The mayor says hundreds could have died if it wasn for a quick police response.

"to be awaken in the middle of the night to a mass shooting in the 250th shooting in our country, this year, happening in dayton."

In el paso, police are beginning to remove the bodies from the walmart where 20 people were murdered saturday morning.

"the attack from what we know from public record appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population" the shooting is being treated as a domestic terrorism case.

"and wee going to do what we do with terrorists in this country which is deliver swift and certain justice."

The us district attorney announced his office will pursue hate crime and federal firearms charges.

The el paso district attorney said they'll seek the death penalty.

"we are a very safe community.

We pride ourselves that we're so safe, and certainly this community is rocked and shocked and sadden by what has happened here."

President trump has ordered flags be flown at half staff until thursday at sunset.

In el paso texas, ray bogan, fox news.

Back here in tristat?

Those deadly mass shootings are weighing on the minds of people in the community.

44news reporter noah alatza has the story.

Mega?nearly 30 people dead in under 24 hours and tonight the chair of the vanderburgh county democratic party is calling for common sense gun control.?you just picture yourself at a walmart and this happening to you and your family so it heartbreakin g and it's shocking?

A deadly past 24 hours in the united states.

Two mass shootings claiming the lives of nearly 30 people and injuring dozens more.

And now some hoosiers say they shouldn have to feel scared in public.?oh it freaks me out beyond belief, i mean like concerts going to a place with a lot of people, now there a risk of getting shot by wanting to go do something social, like going to walmart, getting my groceries, there a risk i could end up in one of these mass shootings, it very scary?

The newly elected chair of the county's democratic party says there are ways people can help.?one of the things people can do is encourage their legislature to pass house res eighth there is actually a comprehenisv e background checks law that congress has passed that sitting there waiting to be considered by the senate?

She says speaking up for what you believe in can usher in change.?and so you can call your senator braun and senator young and ask them to vote for hr eight and pass comprehensiv e backgorund checks it's not going to stop every instance of gun violence but we have to start somewhere?

Police say they are investigating yesterday shooting in el paso as a possible hate crime.

While in dayton, ohio, the mayor says if police did not respond so quickly, there could have been hundreds more victims. just a week ag?a mass shooting at a festival in california claimed the lives of four people.

According to the associated press.

The shootings are now the 21st and 22nd mass killings in the us this year alone claiming the lives of 125 people.

N?44 news.

Across the countr?

Flags are being lowered to hal?staff starting sunday.

Kentucky governor matt bevin and indiana governor eric holcomb are directing flags across both states be flown at hal?staff to honor the victims of the tragedies in el paso and dayton.

Both governors are asking businesses, organizations, government agencies, and residents to join the tribute.

Those flags should be flown at hal?

Staff until sunset thursday.

We've been seeing mostly clear skies the last few day?but that could all be changing this week.

Meteorologis t anthony copeland with a first check of the forecast.

Hey anthon?

In tonight's cold case?

We're searching for a killer.

A young father is gunned down in an evansville alley?

Hours before the november election last year.

His body was found the next day?

Next to some trash cans.

The vanderburgh county coroner say?

The 21 year old father's death was a homicide?

But authorities haven't been able to track down the killer.

Lauren leslie reports on this cold case?

You'll only see here on 44news.

He was shot multiple times in an evansville alley.

His death ruled a homicide but now more than six months later what happened to amon johnson and who shot him remains much a mystery.

Neal rexing says, "as far as i know they don't really have answers on either one of them why it happened or who did it."

November 6th?

Election day 2018.

As voters weighed in at the ballot box a man living on east missouri street in evansville started his morning routine.

A walk with his dog.

Neal rexing says, "as i turned the corner around here walking down toward my end of the alley i thought somebody threw a big pile of clothes there."

But it wasn't clothing.

Neal rexing says, "soon as i seen him i grabbed the dog up ran to the house and called ??1."

The victim?

Amon johnson.

21 years old.

Just miles from where he was found dead?

The family who welcomed him as one of their own... even helped raise johnso?

Were starting to get calls.

Mariama wilson says, "asking if have i seen amon?

You might know mariama wilson.

She formed mask evansville?

Mothers against senseless killings in 2015.

She also helped raise johnson for the better part of a decade.

I asked her to tell me about the young man she called a son.

She immediately smiled.

Mariama wilson says, "he had a slew of family, a slew of people who loved him, he loved his son like no other."

Wilson says, "even if you was mad at him you couldn't be mad at him for more than five minutes because he would do something to make you smile, he was just an awesome person trying to find his way."

After four years of working to prevent senseless killings in this community the fight became very personal.

Mariama wilson says, "for me and my twins i know our life had changed at that point."

Six months have passed since johnson was found shot to death in the alley.

The investigation greatly hindered by time and something several witnesses say they heard the night before but didn't report until hours later.

Neal rexing says, "around 7:00 i heard something sound like gunshots, i didn't know if it was fireworks, but my neighbor heard it called me up asked me what's going on....?"

Neal rexing says, "the police were kind of mad at me because i didn't call them that night.'

Police have questioned several people but still no arrests in the deadly shooting.

Mariama wilson says, "it's hard to grasp the fact that like i said he's never coming back?

But that person is still out there and i just want them to work as hard on his case as if it's their loved one so that's my hope and wish."

Evansville police are asking anyone with information to contact the department.

To leave an anonymous tip you can call the w?tip hotline.


People are getting tattoo?all in an effort to help tr?state students.

Hundreds of people waited at crescent city tattoo and museum to receive a new tattoo.

Alongside other local businesse?

The shop is working to raise money that will go towards paying off the evansville vanderburgh county schools?53 thousand dollar lunch debt.

Organizers say they hope the gesture can help improve community relations.

I mean i think if everyone already knows someone or had any experience with maybe not being able to afford school lunch and things like that i think it important to help those kids and families pay off that debt.

The pr?

Designed tattoos were done on a first com?

First serve basi?and were one hundred dollars each.

All of that money will be donated to the cause.

And the school year is just around the corne?

Here's a look at when students across the tr?state will head back to school.

The new school year gets underway for ???c students?

As well as southwest dubois count?

Princeton public school?

And jasper on august seventh.

Southern and eastern gibson county schools?

Along with posey and warrick counties head back to class on august eighth.

In kentucky?

Henderson county schools?

Along with owensboro public and daviess county schools?

All head back to class on august 7th.

That's also when kids in hopkins county return for their first day of school.

Students in carmi get to enjoy an extra week of summer.

They head back to class wednesday, august 14th?

And they're joined by mount carmel and fairfield school districts.

And be sure to stay with 44news on air and online?

As we continue to help you and your family head back to school.

Inmates often find it difficult to gain employment upon leaving prison?

But a program in iowa is giving them the skills and experience employers look for.

And meteorologis t anthony copland is back next with a full look at the forecast?

On 44news at 9.

A unique program in iowa helps z3d2yz z16fz y3d2yy y16fy inmates build skills for life after prison.

Those skills go beyond self service and will help thousands in the state.

Multimedia reporter mitti hicks explains.

Prison isn't a typical place where you'd recruit people to build houses... but it's a rare opportunity for joshua goemaat... where he's laying down a new foundation for life beyond bars.

"it gives me something to do instead of... out of the norm, i should say, for prison work."

Goematt was convicted of burglary.

He's one of six paid inmates from newton correctional facility, a minimum security prison, working on a new project called "homes for iowa."

Iowa, south dakota and missouri are the only states with a program of this kind.

"we're building the footings, pouring the concrete, building from the ground up."

The plan is to develop the state's skilled workforce even with those behind bars... and inmate participation is voluntary.

"there's a lot of doors that are not open to someone that gets out with a felony record.

One of the doors that's often open is construction.

So they come out and they have their osha 10 training; and they've got an apprenticeshi p; and they've got some experience building real buildings."

The median home price here is $144,000 dollars according to the iowa's association of realtors.

The homes inmates are constructing will sell below market value, capping at $125,000 in the nation.

"it was getting more expensive to develop housing; people couldn't afford to build like they, like they, uh, could in the past.

And what we want to do is develop these houses in places where it's really hard to develop."

Making the pitch to have people live in rural areas like iowa has made it hard to convince builders to develop in rural areas.

Families earning below the state's median income of roughly 73,000 dollars a year qualify them to buy the two or thre?

Bedroom homes.

The goal for the homes for iowa program is to build one thousand homes within the next decade for rural communities across the state.

That was mitti hicks reporting.

Inmates who participate can earn apprenticeshi ps in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and general labor.

Iran claims that it's seized another oil tanker in the strait of hormuz?

This time an iraqi vessel.

In response?

The ?s continues to press for an escort operation aimed at guaranteeing safe passage in the strait.

Following the mass shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, oh?

Debate opens again on whether stricter gun laws are needed to prevent future shootings.

Fox news corresponde nt lauren blanchard has the story on democrats pushing hard against president donald trump?

As the trump administration pushes back.

Given these latest mass shootings... 2?20 candidates and congressiona l democrats are pushing once again for gun reform... and placing partial blame for the violence on what they're calling president trump's 'ant?

Immigrant' message.

"let's not mince words right now that this president is encouraging greater racism and, and not just the racist rhetoric but ,but the violence that so often follows."

"we have a president who is responsible who is not taking that responsibility and is doing nothing to address the deepening crisis in our country of this kind of violence."

"we've got to heal and it's got to start at the top.

The president has to take a leadership role on this... " acting chief of staff mick mulvaney... on abc's this week, pushing back on criticism the president's words had any effect on the gunmen... saying this should be a social issue not a political one.

"the, the president is just as sad as, just as saddened by this as you are, the president is just as angry about this as you are, and wants to do something just as much as everybody else does."

This morning, speaker nancy pelosi in a statement saying: "the republican senate must stop their outrageous obstruction and join the house to put an end to the horror and bloodshed that gun violence inflicts every day in america.

Enough is enough."

2?20 candidate senator bernie sanders tweeting... "mitch mcconnell should bring the senate back into session immediately to pass hr 8, the gun safety bill that has already passed the house."

Going on to call it a "first step."

The ??c chairman saying today the shootings are the quote "the price of inaction" however the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, tweeting that finger pointing behind keyboards, quote: " solves not a single problem, saves not a single life."

In washington, lauren blanchard, fox news.

Iran reportedly seized another oil tanker in the persian gulf.

According to iran's semi official news agency?

Iranian revolutionary guards seized the foreign tanker and detained seven crew members wednesday (7/31).

The revolutionary guard claims it was an iraqi ship?

Smuggling 700 thousand liters of fuel.

The ?s has not yet commented but ?s secretary of state mike pompeo asked australia to join a ?s led maritime security initiative aimed at promoting safe passage through the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz?

Called "operation sent?nel."

"... to promote the principle of freedom of navigation and freedom of commerce through all waterways, particularly that one, number one.

Number two is to prevent any provocative actions by iran that might lead to some misunderstan ding or miscalculatio n that could lead to a conflict."

Australia's defense minister says the request is a serious and complex one.

They have not made a decision one way or the other?

But the defense minister says australia is giving the request "serious consideration ."

Universal unveils plans for a new theme park that will quote "forever redefine theme park entertainmen t."

Z35wgz z16fz y35wgy y16fy her first leading role in "the farewell"?

A new film that delivers a familiar story of the asian american experience that will resonate with many.

Fox's michelle pollino has the story.

"the nick you are dating is nick young" after a supporting role in the global hit "crazy rich asians"... breakout star awkwafina is bringing a new asian american narrative to the big screen in "the farewell" "billie, what's wrong?

Why aren't you talking?"

"the trend in hollywood right now is, is the ability to allow ownership, ownership over our own stories, the ability to like to tell our own stories the way that we want to."

"it's about time" the 3?yea?

Old says films like "crazy rich asians" and "the farewell" are helping to expand diversity in hollywood and create more roles for asian american actors.

"when people saw crazy rich asians, they were coming out of the theater crying tears of joy and those were tears of like representatio n in, in a kind of a general way, like i've never seen this in 25 years.

This is me on screen i'm crying.

Umm, when people come out of the farewell.

They're also mostly in tears.

But the representatio n there is because they literally like just did that to their grandma or grandpa."

"isn't it wrong to lie?"

In "the farewell" the rapper?slas?

Actor plays, billie, who is struggling with her family's decision to hide their grandmother' s terminal cancer diagnosis from her.

"so much of what the film is about what the characters are going through, it's all a way for them to manage their grief."

Loosely based on events of write?

Director lulu wang's own family... "the farewell" examines the notion of telling a lie to spare another person's pain... "the thing that none of us can control is that we have to say goodbye and i think that's the thing that people probably resonate the deepest with."

In hollywood, michelle pollino, fox news.

Universal orlando resort unveils plans for a brand new theme park.

Universal says their fourth park?

Epic universe?

Will forever redefine theme park entertainmen t.

The company describes it as the most immersive and innovative park that they've ever created.

It will feature an entreatment center, shops, restaurants, hotels and more.

The 750 acre site nearly doubles universal's florida acreage and marks comcast ??c universal's single largest investment in theme parks and in the state of florida.

While universal's announcement has sparked some excitement?

The company has not released any specifics regarding attractions or a potential opening date.

Attention walking dead fans.

You can soon sip your way into the upcoming season.

The makers of the hit television series are partnering with the world's largest producer of spirits?


To launch a new liquor.

Dubbed the "spirits of the apocalypse"?

The drink is a kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a 47 alcohol percentage.

The 750 milliliter bottles are expected to hit stores this fall?

Just in time for the show's season ten premiere.

But if you can't wait that long?

You can pre order the spirit on reserve bar for 35 dollars.

In addition to restaurants, diamonds, movie theaters, and napkins?

A new study shows millennials are responsible for killing yet another industry.

And... a new study shows a current diet trend may put you at risk for heart disease.

But first... meteorologis t anthony copeland will have another look at your forecast next on 44news at 9.

Z34zhz z16fz y34zhy y16fy some parents fear the big business of gaming is posing a major threat to parenting.

Fox business network's tracee carrasco explains why.

Fortnite fixation.

"i personally use it, to d?

Stress from the world, so, i think that gaming has these facets of how it can benefit your health and your wel?


The video game?

Taking over teens' screens across the globe.

A study from pew research center?

Revealing key words that trigger the most views on youtube.

Videos mentioning the word fortnite generating more than five times as many views than videos without it.

And it pays to play.

One 1?yea?

Old from pennsylvania taking home $3 million dollars in prize money after winning the firs?ever fortnite world cup.

Winners competed for a $30 million dollar prize pool and epic games offered $40 million total in prizes.

"i might make him play 24 hours a day for $30 million dollars.

He can play, go ahead" but parents?


The craze?

Sparking new fears the millio?dollar video game tournaments?

Could make family life harder.

"this has really invaded the family systems because it is so addictive, it is.

It is incredibly addictive, it has been likened to something like heroin."

"we're stuck on the, kind of, negative side of gaming."

Fornite has been described as a battle royal?

Style match, according to tech crunch.

Think "lord of the flies" meets "the hunger games."

So far no evidence has been linked to fortnite players increased level of violence.

But the world health organization has added "gaming disorder" as a mental health condition.

"even prince harry in, in britain said i don't know why anyone would have fortnite in their home because it is like giving a child heroin."

About on?

Third of participants in a recent survey by limelight networks said they would quit their jobs if they could pay the bills just by being a professional gamer.

In new york, i'm tracee carrasco, fox business.

Millennials are apparently killing razors?

As more men start embracing beards, manicuring mustaches, and abandoning the clean shaven look.

The trend has driven down the shaving product market in the ?s by 11 percent over the past five years.

This is according to research data from?eur?


Procter and gamble recently reported a reduction in the estimated value of their brand gillette by eight billion dollars.

Its ??o says quote:?lower shaving frequency has reduced the size of the developed blades and razors market?

And it not just millennials refusing to shave which hurts larger shaving brand?

Industry experts say newer shaving subscription companies are offering cheaper products.

Market force released its annual list of the nation's favorite fast food restaurants.

After polling more than 7 thousand customers the company found america loves its chicken.

Chic?fi?a takes the top spot for consumer satisfaction?

Clocking in a whopping 82 percent rating for staff friendliness.

This isn't the only win for the home of the cow this year.

The american customer satisfaction index also dubbed chic?

Fi?a?as america's favorite restaurant in june.

An 8 year old texas girl gets life changing assistance from new technology.

Fox news corresponde nt ray bogan explains fist bumps all around celebrating an ?yea?

Old's new bionic arm.

Mady gardner was born without her left arm below the elbow... and now she's the youngest person in the country to get a "hero arm."

The bright pink robotic limb is billed as the world's first mult?

Grip bionic arm for children.

"it's made a tremendous difference in her life so... (cries)."

It took under a minute to fit mady for her prosthetic... and then she got a lesson in putting it on... specialists then showing her how to flex muscles in her residual limb to send electric signals that convert into hand movements like multiple grips and gestures like waving... "my favorite thing was to make a heart out of two hands."

Mady's mom saying she leads a very active life... playing flag football, skiing, and doing gymnastics... but she did have limitations: "she's really hig?


But there are some things that have been difficult for her to adapt to like putting her hair up in a ponytail."

But despite her struggles... her life's about to get even more active.

"i look forward to ride my bike and golf with my dad."

With her new arm... mady's smile?

And hand gesture?

Signaling everything's going to be ?


Each hero arm is custo?

Made using ?d printing and scanning.

The prosthetic costs

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