T-Mobile, Sprint Merger: All The States That are Trying to Block Deal ... So Far
T-Mobile, Sprint Merger: All The States That are Trying to Block Deal ... So Far

Things are heating up around the T-Mobile and Sprint merger deal.

In 2018, T-Mobile US and Sprint agreed to a $26.5 billion merger that will create the country's third-largest carrier.

Both companies said a merger would give them the financial resources they need to compete against market leaders AT&T and Verizon, roll out 5G networks, and provide better service to Americans.

After gaining approval from both the FCC and DOJ in 2019, the companies still face issues from several states, who argue that the deal is anticompetitive and will cost their residents more than $4.5 billon annually.

Oregon is the latest state to join an antitrust lawsuit to block the merger of U.S. wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint.

That makes it now fifteen states and the District of Columbia to have jumped on the bandwagon.

Curious to know which states those are?

Watch the video above to see the latest.

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