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Rolling Hills explosions complaint

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Rolling Hills explosions complaint

Rolling Hills explosions complaint

We told you yesterday about complaints to county officials about explosions in a Soddy Daisy neighborhood.

Today we go to the neighborhood to learn more about the Tannerite blasts.


Daisy couple appeared before the hamilton county commission to ask if anything could be done about neighborhood explosions by someone using tannerite.

Today, news 12's ashley henderson today checked out that complaint.

Randy fairbanks , hamilton county commissioner, dist.

1 "i never had heard the word tannarite.

I said, 'that sounded like dynamite!

Sounds like someone's blowing dynamite off!'

It was that loud."

County commissioner randy fairbanks was one of the first to call sheriff's deputies after the explosions that rocked his home, a couple of hundred yards from where they were being set off in this neighborhood.

Fairbanks: "somebody's shooting some stuff, and they said we've had another call and they said so we're coming out to check it out."

Deputies came out and talked with the man at 10,100 rolling wind drive.

They found out the substance was legal to detonate in the state.

Neighbors say the man who asked not to be identified....did it twice...the first was a gender reveal party last september--the second on july 4th.

Steve langley wants it stopped.

He told the county commission...and us.... that his home had been damaged.

Steve langley says house damaged by explosions "the house shaking, cracked this window here, and window world had to come out and replace it."

Langley's neighbor susanne hayes is taking care of her viet-nam veteran husband who has cancer and is under hospice care.

Susanne hayes: "he said, 'is the, are we, is the vietnam war going on?

Are we still in the war?'

So, you know, he had flashbacks - so like i said, it was a scary time."

Langley: "when the explosion takes place, the shock waves are coming right down the side of the hill, right at our homes.

And, my neighbors across the street, uh, i think the people across the street had some dishes damaged where they fell off and different things, so we are suffering damage to our homes."

Langley contacted representative robin smith who said today that she is looking into the legal use of tannerite and may bring it up in the legislature.

Sheriff jim hammond told the commission it's something that's going to become a widespread problem if something isn't done.

The exploding target material can be purchased legally in sporting goods stores.

In chattanooga, ashley henderson, news 12 now.

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