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Us- today marks day one in the- recovery process for- saints quarterback drew brees.- the future hall of famer- underwent surgery today in- los angeles for a torn ligament- in his thumb.

- the procedure was done by docto- steven shin who also- repaired a torn ligment in the- thumb of two-time al m-v-p mike- trout.- while there hasn't been an- official time-frame for brees'- return, the saints can expect t- be without brees- for at least six weeks, with th- hopes of having him back week 1- versus atlanta.

- now stepping into the spotlight- - - - is backup quarterback teddy - bridgewater, who is the - expected starter for new- orleans.- - teddy bridgewater, saints - qb:"you know- its, its wednesday, and we're - still installing our gameplan - and putting - things together.

But i can say- that getting out there last wee- just prepared me, got - my feet wet again and im excite- going into this game."- - - - and check this out, an update - from drew himself...- posted earlier to his instagram- with his wife britney, as he- heads off into surgery.

- and you can see the caption - right there, mentioning that- this is how she get's to spend- her birthday!

- just a cool post as the who dat- nation awaits his return... - - picayune and gulfport secured - w-x-x-v game of the - week honors last week, and they- certainly didn't disappoint.- picayune edged out the admirals- 54-47 in one of the craziest- games of the season.- i took a trip out west to - picayune to talk with the - running back- who kept things rolling for the- maroon tide, for this week's- w-x-- x-v student athlete of the week- - it was hyped up to be one of th- biggest matchups in the entire- state, and both picayune- and gulfport made sure that we- - - - got our money's worth.

It was a- back and forth battle all night- with the maroon tide- eventually closing things out,- 54 - 47.- cameron thomas, picayune- rb:"that was our first, well i- think it was our first 6a - game, but we knew that it was - going to be a tough battle- versus gulfport.

We lost to - them last year, so we knew that- we had to get our revenge back.- at the center of the picayune - offense is senior running back- cameron thomas, who ravaged the- - - - gulfport defense for 346 yards - -3 touchdowns.- thomas:"i feel like i was in th- zone you know, green grass you- gotta go, you feel- me?"- being a downhill runner in- picayune's old-fashioned power- offense isn't an easy task, but- then you look at thomas' succes- on the ground this season, all- - - - you can really say is, "wow."

- dodd lee, picayune head - coach:"you cant teach 4.41, 4.4- forty, but he can run, he's - 155 pounds probably soaking wet- but he gives a great effort - every week."- while thomas can be considered- - - - the lead runner in the maroon - tide offense, he isn't the only- one.- head coach dodd lee frequently- uses different ball - carriers, which can sometimes - make it more difficult for a- runner to get hot... but if you- ask thomas, he keeps a mentalit- similar to that of cowboys- - - - running back ezekiel elliott.

- thomas:"yeah its a litte zeke - thing, get the first, move them- chains you know, but i- like the little zeke menality,- you know keep the offense - moving, keep it - rolling."

- after a tough loss in the semi-- - - - finals last season, thomas and- the tide remain focused on one- goal: a state - championship.

- sprinkle in the fact that coach- - - - lee has announced this season t- be his last, well, that's just- more motivation.- thomas:"we want to come out wit- a bang, go out with a bang you- know, finish it off good- for our coach you know, most- thing is to take it week by - week, you know, game by - game, we're not going to rush - it."- - - - picayune will look to continue- their quest for that- champtionship this friday - against poplarville,- which also happens to be our- w-x-x-v game of the week.

- in picayune, andrew scherer,- news 25.- - - - - and for our w-x-x-v play of the- day we go from the football - field to the baseball field and- this is just awesome..- boston red sox legend, triple - crown winner, hall of fame- - - - member carl yastrzemski throwin- the ceremonial first- pitch at fenway park to his - grandson, san francisco giants- outfielder and rookie mike- yastrzemski.- just an awesome moment, mike- played his first game in fenway- park last night, starting in th- outfield, where you guessed it,- his grandfather yaz played for- 23 years... - - - -

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