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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New details emerge in deadly plane crash

Credit: KGPE CBS 47 Fresno
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New details emerge in deadly plane crash
New details emerge in deadly plane crash
New details emerge in deadly plane crash's gonna be hard."

Lindsey: just a day after a deadly plane crash... new details emerge.

Tonight we're learning more about the victims and the investigation into the cause of the crash.

Lindsey: we now know the identities of the two men killed in the plane crash near sierra sky park yesterday.

The passenger was 32-year-old "chase splan."

And the pilot was 47-year-old "william huene."

Cbs 47's "patrick nelson" begins our team coverage tonight.

Patrick nelson the home built plane took off from this runway and crashed just after takeoff in the nearby san joaquin river.

Tonight, we're learning more about the plane itself, the victims, and what investigators are doing.

The plane that crashed killing two fresno men monday afternoon near sierra sky park is labled by the f-a-a as an "experimental" aircraft.

Aviation experts say it means the plane was built at home.

Phone: dick knapinski / experimental aircraft association, spokesman 1:20 "there are more than 30,000 amateur built aircraft on the faa registry and they've been built by everybody from machinists, to astronauts, to aircraft hobbyists.

Mostly experienced pilots build them," 1:34 almost every resident living near sierra sky park has a home built aircraft.

Experts say crashes involving these types of planes are declining.

Phone: dick knapinski / experimental aircraft association, spokesman 04:08 "the number has been dropping.

However, that doesn't take away anything from each accident that is a tragedy in its own right, but the number over the past decade has been dropping significantly," 4:19 aviation experts tell us-- more than 70 percent of all aircraft crashes involve pilot error-- investigators say they have a lot of work to do before they can determine what happened here.

Phone: peter knudson / ntsb spokesman 1:52 "the aircraft came to rest in some shallow water, about a foot or so of water and the focus right now is getting that aircraft recovered from the water to a dry secure safe place where the investigator can continue the documentation of the wreckage."

02:07 32 year old chase splan and 47 year old pilot william huene died in the crash-- both families asked for privacy, but the splan family provided this picture of chase..

Longtime mentor and friend brooke ashjian spoke about the loss.

Brooke ashjian / knew chase splan 12:32 "he was an incredible individual.

He was an incredible human being and incredible father, he was an incredible husband.

The world i would say now is a darker place today with the loss of chase."

12:45 patrick nelson federal investigators say they'll be at the crash scene here in fresno working for several days and it could take at least a year to get some answers on what caused the crash.


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