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Friday, May 14, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 6/30/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 6/30/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 6/30/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 6/30/17

[?] >> tom: hey, welcome to "ozarks live!."

Thank you for joining us!

I got stopped there for a second.

[laughter] >> kelly: i know!

>> tom: look, we're on t.v.!

>> joy: i'm joy.

You are?


And katherine >> kelly: katherine, yeah.

>> joy: jonathan -- jeremy.

>> jeremy: jeremy!

>> joy: okay.

>> jeremy: good to see you!

>> joy: it's good to be back.

It's been awhile.

I'll be off and on a little bit this summer.

Lots going on >> jeremy: you have a busy life.

>> joy: i do.

But i like to show up and hangout >> tom: always good to have you here.

>> jeremy: joy, we're glad you're back.

But did you bring wine or alcohol for us to drink?

That's only polite >> joy: i didn't bring you anything.

>> kelly: give her a break, will you.

Everyone looks so festive today >> joy: i like this.

>> kelly: how did we get tom in a tie.

>> tom: because i was thinking of wearing red, white, and blue, white shirt, navy pants.

The only way to get red in is to wear a tie >> jeremy: it's gorgeous.

>> joy: you didn't fully tie the tie.

>> tom: no, i didn't.

That was the deal when we first started this show, the first thing we did was cut off my neck tie.

Outside of special occasions, haven't worn a neck tie since >> kelly: unless you wear one of those suits we've got to get real fancy.

>> jeremy: the penguin suit?

>> tom: yes.

>> joy: has anyone noticed jeremy's bow tie?

>> jeremy: this is my favorite.

>> joy: this is made of wood.

>> jeremy: solid good.

I cut it out myself, hand painted the stripes and stars.

This is fabric that i got, ribbon from dollar tree.

Let me show you the secret.

It's elastic!

>> kelly: it's so memorable.

It seems like yesterday that you were sitting here with that on.

It's a whole year ago >> jeremy: it's a year ago.

I always save this for the show before 4th of july because it's patriotic.

>> tom: do you know how tough it is because of the silent films and stuff.

I won't >> jeremy: that would hurt.

It's wood >> joy: it wouldn't be bad for us.

>> tom: if you distract him -- all right.

I won't >> joy: that's good t.v.

>> jeremy: tom, if i made you a wood bow tie, would you wear it?

>> tom: sure, i would.

>> jeremy: okay.


I love them >> joy: i like the elastic.

>> jeremy: the reason i made this was, i was in new york on vacation and they had wood bow ties for $300.

I'm like i'm going to go home and make it >> joy: why aren't you making them and selling them for half price, $150.

>> jeremy: that's a bargain!

>> kelly: on the sides that it's rough, that's hard to paint the stars on the rough wood.

>> jeremy: it is.

I didn't sand it completely, because i wanted to know it was wood.

You know what i'm saying?

>> kelly: .

>> joy: you look fabulous.

>> tom: very nice.

[simultaneous speaking.] >> tom: stay away from termites.

>> kelly: well, it is style, leisure and travel friday.

We have a great variety on the show today >> joy: we do.

We love this particular day, friday.

Who doesn't?

Mike the intern is here.

We're going to see a young woman's invention called the tot tote.

It's so cool!

If you have kids, you're going to want to see this.

And kelly has her pin of the week >>> before we get to all of this, we're going to show you what's on the radar, katherine, kelly!

What's your name is [laughter] >> kelly: big foot, urban legend or real?

According to rob lowe, he says he's very real.

He feared for his rife during ang encounter here in the ozarks, filming his new a & e document series.

Here's a look at the trailer >> since i was a little boy, i loved spooky stories.

Since i had boys of my own, we bonded over the stories.

We're going over a search for sasquatch.

We've debated whether big foot was real, whether ghosts existed.

We swore one day, we'd figure out those answers together.

That day has come.


>> reporter: all right -- >> rob lowe said the encounter happened in the ozark mountains.

They wanted to investigate a creature.

They heard something approaching their camp at 1:00 a.m.

And lowe was so scared, he laid on the ground and seriously thought he was going to die.

>> jeremy: wow!

>> joy: wow!

Lowe admits the story makes him seem like the typical, crazy hollywood kook!

The episode is the season finale of the show that premeres august 2nd.

>> kelly: wow.

>> joy: i don't suppose there's publicity built into this.

>> jeremy: i wonder.

>> tom: he was some guy in a gilley suit or a mickey gilley suit.

It may have been mickey gilley.

Be afraid of -- no.

Something like that,ing no.

Around the ozarks right now, i'd be afraid of something more going ssss >> kelly: you mean like that boa?

>> tom: like a python.

>> kelly: it's not been found.

>> tom: isn't it something you can go in the woods and all of the sudden you hear a strange noise.

Gee, who would have thunk it?

>> jeremy: it's coincident that he and his sons are looking for big foot and on the last episode, they may have found him!

>> tom: looking for big foot, you see or hear something, you run.

>> joy: wait, didn't we come here for that?

>> jeremy: document it!

>> tom: what about the camera people, or is this shot on their iphone?

>> jeremy: i don't know.

I'm curious to see what the show is and see if they find ghosts >> kelly: wouldn't you think arkansas would be a better place for a sasquatch?

>> jeremy: he said somewhere in arkansas, missouri, or oklahoma.

He also said he was 100 miles from the nearest town.

But tom, you were saying?

>> tom: joplin isn't even 100 miles from where we are right now.

There is nowhere in the ozarks you're going to be 100 miles away from town.

He may have said, oh, man we are 100 miles away from town!

I'll accept that.

But if he's going we were 100 miles, not in the ozarks.

>> joy: how do you define town?

>> jeremy: on another fun, light note, i saw this video this morning.

And it cracked me up literally cracked me up.

I fell on the floor.

I was laughing.

So i wanted to share it with our viewers.

Let me set this up.

A weather man in los angeles named ted pretty is out and about reporting about the 4th of july.

And about the weather forecast and about fireworks.

And then he proceeds to talk to an adolescent boy who is looking at a catalog to buy fireworks.

>> the 4th of july, here's an actual customer out here.

What's the best kind of firework to buy?

>> wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?

>> where are your parents?

The kid is sketchy.

Back to you guys >> jeremy: i had to show it again.

It's so funny.

It aired wednesday afternoon.

Let me clarify this.

It turns out that wasn't spontaneous.

The boy is the weather man's son.

In the longer clip, he actually makes fun of the boy's parents, which he is.

He's the boy's parents.

They said the goal was to just have fun in an otherwise maybe forgettable live hit.

We know doing live hits, you want to make it entertaining and fun.

He said "you've got to understand i've been in the market for 18 years, so the majority of the viewers know i'm a father of two kids.

It wasn't like i was trying to pull a prank on the viewers."

>> kelly: he wanted to spice things up.

>> jeremy: they talked about it before, and i guess the son said he'd say wouldn't you like to know, but he ad libbed weather boy live.

And it took his father by surprise.

It made me life.

But now he's getting blamed for staging it >> joy: it was a slow news day or weather day or whatever!

>> jeremy: were you ever called weather boy.

>> tom: i've been called a lot of different things.

Everybody picks on the weather people.

That's what they do.

Easiest job in the world, all of that kind of stuff >> joy: you're to blame, or you're to thank.

>> tom: usually, it's you're to blame.

>> jeremy: pretty much.

>> tom: i'm shovelling three inches of partly cloudy out of my driveway.

Are you kidding!



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