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Table Talk - Katie's Vaca 10-23

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Table Talk - Katie's Vaca 10-23
Table Talk - Katie's Vaca 10-23

And thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky.

C1 3 you on mid-day kentucky everyon gets to back she bought the called with you will ... will do one a meeting on your had a lot lots of now no you go your way for two weeks of been done like know it looks a littl like you even more will i i lik to open what you think might have katie so been told you about the you were over in amsterdam attempting marathon s much as a hold on your away we would tell you is you have no faith in you and i know you do in in the fact that we did for two days and then the the show was a about an image of you a couple minutes gramlich was she's been severely what you are you are told to is a okay roaming the photographic evidence you you are gone there and good for you is you show so much by we will do the widest and that 13.1 but people marcelino meeting mild under between one to okay like to is make fun of me to so you in my office " the will and myself and answered and the through wobbles of the right will is elevated it was great relief in will determine people's syrupy action you we actually did some to bring back but you i needed to enable of the netherlands herring and heineken.

Your you right i i just like you, while in the netherlands the contract thousand dollars fine and then keep ea you said the you repairs of what we know you to begin to respond i keep eating and about you got a 10 baghdad's and probably 30 ... you quote your teaching you ... also saw on so you hours is a lot all person my man friend will a we want to you are talking about bible or i decided to call him him him on the is going to the cutoff cutoff 30 minutes say is been successful date demand is what i to me in my office will is up to you a lot of respect you you and we quickly headed like botticelli you telling me about abuse that you wanted to and you would take the video to show was that you actually do that in the news that i can't shut up because someone was in the in the i'm only a idea outside catering little slower you is like you you you and related video really you the evidence i had someone yelled out on the you that will work on did you say this defeat by doing that you can eat what you want to is a problem anymore running and i had a lot of eating right so i probably now need to get my you you you don't today well but you don't i is to be the meeting you you take meeting every other week and a pagodas busby supper rolled midazolam except had to race back to do get back to a lot of you called me you and you so will i you like us my tour of solid donut and you you is the budget ... you know okay and david ... doing we times during equals th bridges and i have old be sod cox everything to of the roaste hazelnut all david important had me the total american everyone knows in line for the there always america to send a telegram you really even hello you you you 30s i don't know that is popular go there and you out the will dive into table told everyone one of my favorite come with asian if you enjoy keeping your room chili will you sleep you might just be on to something cold zonta something very according to an article written by the medical director of charlotte will urology and sleep medicine a bedroom temperature can make you you actually get enough sleep very goes on and says tha i room between room should be between 60 and six the 70 the 70f and will provide the best sleep you will ever have an you know what i will tell you everyone monzon denied that that i keep my house at 69 to 70 to 7024 days pretty positive seven days a week will i like that you will do this perfect the use of the given example if the temperature goes above 750 or below 540 a can cause people to toss and turn old not hence why women women dreadfully hot outside you never really sleep well agree i wake up this morning at 4 am hot i don't kno why because my a conditioning gone but i'd i do not write about in be short yesterday maybe the but come on joe to go already, and then also is you will and 700.

Your body from releasing melatonin one of the bodies best antiaging hormones once your sleeping doctors and the body temperature drops it releases melatonin and triggers a slight cool down the body we take note the melatonin tablet you and you also take know what's the ... see the ghostly time teasley be time to i love melatonin pills you believe in is what did you think that do sleep in the hear or you know i'll i want out there to the i we keep that 70 to 70 really so and interest thing because i i don't know very well rest the in the mornings especially i'm getting enough sleep undetected you i know is weekend think you to put a due to wrong you know i've you and i only sleep with being i did have the injury she floodlit she on but i just have the sheet you do not you so and i love it i you yeah, little bit more and fingers that what you a lot more the antiaging property is you could sleep in the not talking to dreamless and do you mean we don't dream old what well and it's interesting that were just talking about that that does ... lead to the on the college is doing the job i transition to great apparently americans are missing out on the even to bring researchers found that one in three american adults don't get enough leap in general and arm being artist reasoning in which can have dire consequence on our health and not only mental mentally but physically as well so what happening is that we are not with her you're supposed to get four stages of sleep a every night we go to these randomly throughout the night on the problem is is when were not getting enough sleep like for instance katie hours of you get your pretty religious about getting your our you get eight hours you you and maybe but never let okay you i'm always sick you but i can push to seven okay anything more than that it's i just occurred to go all right i get about seven hours" about when typically get about 5 to 6 hours a night and not but what you're saying is that if you're not able to get into the deep sleep and rem the round you you that i you're missing on disrupting your dreaming you're missing out on dreaming and dreaming is what's really important for brain to come to process negative emotions throughout the day and kind of all the events that go on throughout the day the dreaming is kind will our brain with processing all that and if were not getting enough sleep and were not getting the dreaming stage which is it hasn't adverse effect on our but did you they are they saying that you should remember you dream will i do anything about the renumbering the dreams and just as a don't get enough dreaming then it can actually affect your memory then you wil number you inflammation pain yes if you're if you miss your rem rem sleep you can cause inflammation it can cause pain sensitivity the city and memory problems so those are the four areas that is related to the problem ... it's me, do you sleep issues sensitivity information on to the early bird that was the ... longer and you need the you will i say to you i do i got a sort of automatically wake ... weekend you know up at 530 cour decision to i think as you get older these things down but a lot of people guzman is wake up like 4 am i did hear exciting away because is you will i get up as she reairing the week fiv on the weekend always $70 is ... so is interesting my friend considering you went away with you man, and uw will not you marriage sabbatical is is something that we need to know about anything happen when you're away while i cannot sabbatical that was there with know but maybe you there you will bring this up because you are maybe you you know he proposed to you'll will not is you payment i will amen so i will i thought about of marriage sabbatical is is arguing that it good way to deal with midlife crisis she was a she's seen couple her for that have decided to take time away from each other not a divorce they greed to come back but you can do what you want in the meantime whether that a month when you what you what you mean that they anything you decide to take the time apart number having others actual relationship they fit all aboveboard about it you being in your people in their 40s and 50s when there are as way that's when you're right your own mortality and get anxiety about never been with anyone else or think you and people are taking a person just people online but they said this marriage sabbatical save them from that midlife anxiety thinking i know you covered i okay for two weeks you is enough you know everything everything of the medical of sabbatical either be with you you are your ground- floor don't undertake you, is when i have a if you if you feel like you needing to have a sabbatical and have part of the contingency will be you're allowed to sleep with whoever many people you try get into that two-week due to me like this i think one this week have along the sabbatical leave the i will i will go to i have there' an you but you're the writing you you are your coming by it i know i just not paying the rhizopus point but i can will is sabbatical you you gone and make me appreciate him more now that he has been gone and when he does get back you know i mean you you i know you know you might be like to really like the domino, look for the would be believe out in these type know not saying that i could mentally out to you with the i don't think that is the truth but i didn't think i would want to sabbatical so i could sleep with other people i think obama sabbatical to have my time but i've always been a firm believe that interrelation ship it's okay to have another bedroom it's okay to have another ball through away from your pot a boys thought that is being you know a good way to have your privacy in your time i also believe that it's okay to go away without about a boys believe that the legal maloley statement in you want for the murder of 20 years as i will i believe expunge the i'll be bac like i will be so you definitely have to be thing where the mutual the is where boeing had hardly you and i live in america.

You maybe you know you can how that conversation know know that you you you pd and you talking to you i think you today kentucky-based siblings on the telecommuting with crazy with you would actually do is sabbatical as well everyone ont the break we continue to spread breast cancer awareness with all of our friends from clark regional medical center be sure stick around also later the show

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