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DWTRVS: Charlie Simons & Kristen Alleman dance the Argentine Tango

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DWTRVS: Charlie Simons & Kristen Alleman dance the Argentine Tango
DWTRVS: Charlie Simons & Kristen Alleman dance the Argentine Tango

For a pharmacy software company, but i'm also a proud grants pass active club member.

Were the ones that put on boatnik, we plan all that.

I've been in the growth valley for about 30 years now.

Matt and keenan approached me last christmas and they asked me.

Together they came and said, we have a favor to ask of you.

And i said, is it for sparrow, and they said yes.

So i said, whatever it is then.

And matt looked at me with a big grin on his face and he said we'd like you to be on dancing with the stars.

I said, okay.

Don't laugh.

Don't laugh.

Not a lot at all.

Nothing technical yes nothing technical at all, yes.

So, i feel like charlie actually lear's fairly quickly, especially for such a hard dance with argentine tango it's very technical so i'm really proud of how far he's come so far.

I stop stepping on your feet.

Yeah, i gotta kick in there too.

So it's, it's very technical, it's a very male dominated dance.

So, it's also somewhat of a romantic type dance are known for its romance.

And most people when they hear tango they think of american tango which is in movies.

Argentine tango in my opinion is a lot more smooth, which is a completely different type of dance but very fun style but very technical.

It is a male dominant dance but not yet.

My biggest fear is induced by her and that is that my pants will rip.

Yes, there's a lot of bending and lunging, and i'm hopeful that the pants will stay intact.

It's happened before so.

Ultimate goal for me.

I am a huge advocate and supporter of sparrow clubs.

The active club is a big sparrow sponsor.

I go and i visit the sparrows help with the community service with the kids.

I attend all of the assemblies, so i am a firm believer so for everybody that's in the audience watching the event, contributing with their purchase of their ticket or their sponsor all that thank you so much because it, it's going to go a long way.

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