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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Monday Morning Sprint

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Monday Morning Sprint
Monday Morning Sprint

Police said a shootout happened overnight on Madison's east side, but no arrests have been made yet.

Morning sprint -- with a number of stories to update you on as you head out the door on your monday.

We start with breaking news of a shoot-out overnight on the city's east side.

Keely has the details.

There may be a bad pattern devloping...this incident comes less than a week after a woman was shot by a stray bullet on the city's north side.

It's a mircle no one was actually hit in this case.

36 shell casings were found by police... bullets hit cars, narrowly missed a person by just a five feet according to police.

Officers tell us this happened at the 4500 of cottage grove road road around 9 p.m.

This is a heavily populated area with lots of homes and apartments.

Police say people tired to hid when they heasr the gun shots...that were reportedly coming from two groups shooting at one another.

No arrest have been made.

Police ask you to contact them if you have any informatio...josh.

The dane county sheriff's office is looking for an inmate who walked away from a work release facility.

Rondino fleming walked out of the ferris center saturday... that's a minimum security facility on rimrock road.

He was serving a 25-week sentence for battery and is now considered awol.

Once he's found, he'll also face a felony escape charge.

He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants.

Madison police are still looking for a man who they say broke into a home.

Officers got a call for a home burglary on eldorado lane near cottage grove road -- around 7 saturday night.

The homeowner says the suspect ran off to the south toward buckeye road and jumped a fence.

Police collected evidence but haven't found the man yet.

They say he was last seen wearing a black hoodie and gray sweatpants.

Alert days are in the forecast for late tuesday through wednesday morning.

Today: partly sunny and continued mild.

High: 47 wind: w/sw 8-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy in the evening, then becoming mostly cloudy and continued mild.

Low: 30 wind: w/nw 6-12 mph wet weather and a poor harvest are making life more than difficult for farmers here in wisconsin... but dairy farmers are seeing a glimpse of hope -- as milk prices are on the rise.

This month, prices hit 20 dollars per hundred-weight of milk -- the highest selling price for milk in five years.

Even though prices are good now -- the future is still a wild card.

The f-d-a and c- d-c are investigating an outbreak of e- coli infections linked to romaine lettuce.

Dozens across the u-s are sick from the lettuce... including here in wisconsin.

There are now 40 cases of people getting sick and 28 hospitalizations reported.

Health officials are urging people to not eat romaine lettuce harvested from the salinas, california growing region.

The packers struggled against the 49ers defense last night who made it nearly impossible to move the ball.

San francisco forced a turnover on the packers' opening possession... quickly turning it into a touchdown.

The 49ers jumped out to a 23-to-nothing lead before the packers got a chance to score... a late touchdown from the 49ers made the final score 37-to-8... dropping the packers to 8- and-3 on the season.

Former new- york-city mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg is announcing his presidental campaign -- admid some ethical concerns.

Bloomberg's news service and other business holdings employ more than 19- thousand people across 69 countries.

Bloomberg had previously promised to 'separate' himself from his foundation and private businesses if he were to launch a campaign... but he hasn't re- clarified his stance since he announced.

House democrats are starting to prepare a report on the impeachment inquiry... but there could still be more public hearings.

Intelligence chairman adam schiff says he's open to holding more hearings, but doesn't want to slow down the whole process.

Meanwhile, former national- security-advisor john bolton promised the 'backstory' on his absence... but his lawyer says bolton will ony testify if a judge orders him to do so.

A wisconsin lawmaker is responding to the president's new nickname for his party -- as he tweets the "do nothing democrats" are getting nothing done in congress.

Representative mark pocan responded... defending the work he and his colleagues are doing.

In a tweet... he says the house passed nearly 400 bills this congress... while senate- majority-leader mitch mcconnell has ignored more than 300 of them.

Navy secretary richard spencer is being forced out... for proposing a 'secret agreement with the wihte house.'

That agreement involved the case of navy seal eddie gallagher -- whose war crimes allegations are causing tension between the pentagon and president trump.

It's still unclear whether spencer was fired or resigned supreme court justice ruth- bader-ginsberg is back home from the hospital this morning.

The 86-year-old justice had been admitted friday night, complaining of fever and chills.

She was treated for an infection and reported feeling much better on sunday.

Pope francis is on a four-day visit to japan, the first papal trip there in nearly four decades.

After celebrating sunday mass in nagasaki, he spoke at a memorial service in hiroshima.

The pope paid tribute to the victims of two atomic bombs the u-s dropped in those cities during world war two.

London says it will not renew uber's license to operate in the british capitol -- citing safety issues.

The city says it wants to protect passenger from previous incidents that have been reported.

Uber's license expires today... but they can appeal the decision and continue to operate... as the courts review their case.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Starting to pick up now on the westbound side of the beltline.

Watch for some brakelights between stoughton road and monona drive.

The usual slowdowns beginning to show up on inbound john nolen near the rimrock and olin ave intersections moving into downtown.

And other main routes including the interstate are cruisin along at the posted speeds with no crashes or delays.

With your first alert traffic, i'm josh timm alert days are in the forecast for late tuesday through wednesday morning.

Today: partly sunny and continued mild.

High: 47 wind: w/sw 8-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy in the evening, then becoming mostly cloudy and continued mild.

Low: 30 wind: w/nw


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