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Candidates look to unseat Congressman Steve King

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Candidates look to unseat Congressman Steve King
No shortage of would-be Republican congressional nominees

Despite the pandemic iowa's primary election is just days away.

Today four republican candidates in the fourth congressional district took to a virtual debate stage.

They're looking to unseat representative steve king.

Kimt news three's nick kruszalnicki watched the debate and joins us now with the details.


George and katie?

As i expected?

Many of the questions were focused on the coronavirus.

The candidates weighed in on how the federal government has responded to the pandemic.

The first question poised to the candidates asked what they thought of the federal government's response to the coronavirus.

Incumbent steve king says it's time to get back in the game.

"i do think we've gone a little overboard with that.

I think we've gone past that point of diminishing returns and it's time to get this country back to work.

No we weren't prepared with our ppe and some of the other equipment that we needed."

Challenger randy feenstra is in favor of a more local approach to the covi?19 response, saying communities should have a role.

"we have to make sure that we watch for those that are vulnerable and help them out and we have to help our neighbors and that's what our campaign has done."

Real estate developer steve reeder also calling for a small government approach to handling the pandemic.

"it's now up to people to take personal responsibility and move on with their lives and not live in fear or reliance on government."

Also discussed during the debate, what steps the feds should take next in dealing with covi?19.

Jeremy taylor is against the 3 trillion dollar spending package recently passed in the house.

"not only did the federal government grow the national debt from 23 to 26 trillion dollars overnight, but most people havent even read what was in the bill and that's part and parcel of what's wrong with congress today."

Bret richards from the town of irwin says big spending is not the answer, nor is big government.

"we've got the problem where we've got to actually cut back on our federal government and get back to the system the founding fathers wanted.

They during the debate candidates took questions from the public.

They ranged from veterans issues, to ethanol production and even the paycheck protection program.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thank you nick.

Voters will

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