Plane Flight Ends Early Due to Engine Fire
Plane Flight Ends Early Due to Engine Fire

Occurred on September 5, 2020 / Honolulu, Hawaii, USAInfo from Licensor: "During takeoff, a charter flight from the Honolulu Airport caught fire around 8:50 pm.

One of the engines on the right-wing had caught fire, frightening passengers.

Witnesses on the ground reportedly heard popping and loud bangs, which many mistook for fireworks.

Jace Fox, a local car enthusiast, and amateur photographer caught video of the plane from the Chinatown area of Honolulu, which shows the majority of the dangerous encounter.

The fire was seen shooting periodically from the right-wing during flight.

It allegedly failed during takeoff, which is one of the most dangerous moments of air travel, second to landings.

The pilot managed to turn the plane around to re-land.

After nearly 30 gut-wrenching minutes, the plane safely met with emergency services on the ground.

The plane was the brightest light in the sky.

No major injuries have been reported at this time.

And many are grateful for the quick action and response by the pilot and emergency services."