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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Week 10 Friday Night Football Part 2

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Week 10 Friday Night Football Part 2
Week 10 Friday Night Football Part 2
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We've already seen history being made and thrillers, but we'lre not done..

Lets jump to limestone county.

Out to elkmont where the red devils are taking on the clements colts first quarter, clements with the ball, qb handoff to deontae crenshaw and he takes it all the way to the end zone and clements goes up 6 to 0 after the extra point is blocked.

And elkmont gets the ball right back after an onside kick, qb jayden gilbert keeps it and takes it down into red devil territory before he's taken down.

Same drive, qb jayden gilbert keeps it again and runs into the endzone.

The colts go for the two point conversion but it doesn't pay off.

Clements up 12 to 0 in the first quarter and they go on to win 29 to 0 over elkmont.

Over to west limestone we go where the wildcats take on the priceville bulldogs 2nd quarter and west limestone is up 10 to 7 priceville with the ball, qb hand off to mason cartee and he gets the first down and a nice gain for the bulldogs.

Same drive, priceville qb # wyatt hurt drops back and passes deep but it's intercepted by brody white for the wildcats.

End of the second quarter now and the wildcats have the ball, qb colin patterson getting pressure and passes to cooper phillips around the 9 yard line.

Same drive and 5 seconds left until the half and west limestone decides to go for the field goal and they go into the half up 13 to 7.

And west limestone goes on to win 41 to 14 over priceville taking you now to madison city stadium where bob jones is hosting austin high school!

Four minutes left in the first.

Austin high is up 21 nothing.

4th down on the 10 yard line - bob jones q-b slate alford throwing it to the endzone -- incomplete pass.

Top of the second -- austin high is up 21 - 0 ... and has the ball.

Number 10 quincy crittendon throws a long pass to wide receiver james shackleford who makes the catch.

On the same drive -- it would be a pass to number 14 christopher lyle for the touchdown!

Austin now leading 28-0 but it would stop there.

Still in the third -- the black bears able to get the ball back quickly.

It would be jacob bailey with the catch right here.

But right here -- a pass to running back braylin boulden who runs it in for another black bear touchdown!

But bob jones would continue to fight.

Q-b rayshawn hardy throwing this long pass and wide reciever kelly fields with the catch!

Unfortunately, the patriots wouldn't get the touchdown on this drive.

Final score austin high 49 --bob jones 7 brooks fans cheering through the rain as their lions are up 28 to 7 over wilson in the second half.

Wilson ball- quarter back carson terry holds onto it and runs to the side but he doesn't get far before the lions stop him.

Same drive- terry hangs onto it again but brooks defense sack him.

Wilson can't do anything with it.

Brooks ball- qb kyler murks hands it off to deondre fields.

The dodges wilsons defense gaining a few yards before they stop him.

Same drive- murks hands it off to de'andray rhodes he takes it down the sidline but a flag on the play brings it back.

Brooks takes it by a final 30-7.

Grissom fans are braving the rain because if they beat florence grissom will go to the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

First quarter grissom ball- qb chris lynam hands it off to elijah johnson and he runs to the side getting a first down.

Same drive- quarterback jakob foss lops it up in the air and it lands right in the hands of john stogner.

Grissom with first points on the board.

Now it's the falcons turn- gardner flippo drops back but can't find anyone open so he hangs on to it and gains a few yards before sliding down.

Same drive- flippo hands it off to javean griffin and he runs to the side gainging some yards for the falcons before he's stopped.

Next play- flippo hands it off to griffin again but grissom's detrick jones tackles him to the ground.

Grissom up in the fourth quarter 24-6


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