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Monday, March 8, 2021

7pm News-11032020

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7pm News-11032020
7pm News-11032020
6pm News-11032020

Tonight on prime news at 7.... it's election night!

We'll have highlights of what's happening in north georgia and the tennessee valley.

And, traveling during the pandemic can be stressful.

We have some tips if you plan to take a road trip for any of the upcoming winter holidays.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening, i'm danielle moss.

And i'm emily cassulo.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

The hamilton county election commission is hoping to have the results in by tonight.

Polls opened in hamilton county at 8 this morning.

That's also when mail in ballots started being counted.

The interim administrator for hamilton county elections says a board of 40 people is diligently counting those ballots.

"early voting results should be posted shortly after 8, as those are already saved on the memory card and ready to be uploaded , the absentees we hope that they are shortly after that and then the precent level results will come in as the officers get those precents closed down and get to our office."

We'll have hamilton county's election results on our website, wdef dot com.

There are a number of tightly contested races in the tennessee valley.

Hamilton county precincts have seen record number turnouts today.

News 12's angela moryan joins us live from ooltewah.

Angela how are things looking there?

Voters still have several races to decide today, including the u-s senate.

Hours just to get inside the building and i actually thought the go down there hoping to not be done right at the time they get out and you weird because the numbers and how many people in their ballot here are very similar to that of off the train in concord when i concord had over hundred people cast their ballot there and year in worldwide 1400 s.

Know what it taking the lines along however people i talked to in line they never been like that even the last presidential election and the line was just the bottom of the stairs here at the church they believe that this election is polarizing is really bringing out a lot more people even with the early numbers urging and why were seeing such long lines like that that will give you another look at the line of tag out here but i guess many people are waiting for an hour two hours they are castrated and waiting patiently for the result boat will be waiting patiently for the result to come back and later tonight ... isenate.

That's between republican bill hagerty and democrat marquita bradshaw.

Hagerty has been endorsed by president trump.

He traveled across the state yesterday campaigning with u-s senator marsha blackburn.

Hagerty likes where he stands as we approach election day.

"i'm feeling very good about where we're positioned for election day here, but i'm not taking anything for granted.

I'm getting out and working hard for every single vote i can earn here in tennessee."

Hagerty's opponent marquita bradshaw was in chattanooga over the weekend.

She's an environmental justice activist and has been endorsed by senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren.

Her manager thinks she's going to shock the volunteer state.

When marquita first won the primary most people thought that she didn't have a chance with that.

She definitely won that and i think even when she won the primary and moved into the general there was still a lot of people who said 'you know what, she can't win.'

But i think that her efforts, the strongest field game that this state has seen from a progressive and modern times that tennessee is a battle ground state.

Once again people are going to wake the day after election day to a huge surprise with marquita bradshaw being the winner the two are vying for republican senator lamar alexander's seat, who is not seeking re-election.

Secretary of state tre hargett discusses voting accuracy during a virtua is live today we throw from read line for the latest yeah emily senators they treat her to discuss voter turnout during the news, it's a life here at the bethlehem center know what it is give you a look at the line her it's the been fairly steady similar to what i've seen earlier this afternoon not too long but voters did tell me that the line was just all around th building earlier this morning no secretary or stateroom target did mention to arrive at the polls during the nonpeak hours again mid afternoon morning target also says early voting numbers will be released around will be released around eight will be released around 830 eastern since once precincts ar close counties have also been counting absentee ballots throughout the day absentee ballots have arrived as late as the day here's what's circular 607 steve i don't mind everything i you believe they r- create the latest we should be good say to the latest election covers tonight i will be covering the lens for lynn scruggs was party to democratic opponent against tigar and hunter boarding live in chattanooga once and read from the things you mentioned that abatementsevere tornado damage and now a very closely contested election with voting concluding tonight.

Several people call 2020 one of the most stressful years of their lives.

According to the american psychological association most recent stress survey---nearly 80 percent of american adults say the coronavirus pandemic is putting significant stress on their lives and nearly 70 percent say the presidential election and campaigning has added a new level of stress as well.

It's just unrelenting i cannot wait for the election to be over because at least then the phone calls will hopefully stop and all the junk mail will stop and i'll be able to turn around without it right in my face.

The real showdown will be in georgia where democrats have a chance to steal two seats in the u-s senate.

Imcumbent david perdue is taking on democrat jon ossoff and libertarian shane hazel.

The other u-s senate race in georgia is to fill the seat left by senator jonny isakson.

Incumbent kelly loeffler is challenged by republican doug collins and democrat reverend warnock.

In georgia, if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote then there will be a run-off election.

That election would take place on january 5th.

A high turnout of voters is also expected in the peach state today.

Many are anticipating long lines in what some believe could become a swing state.

Let's check in with news 12's kenan scott.

He joins us now live with the latest.

Coming into this election day georgia is being viewed as a swing st a georgia is being viewed believe it or not state now you're in the hospital pulls have just closed reddit seven as you can see not a whole that are going on as the polling has just closed but some polling precincts including ones around atlanta have extended their hours by up to 45 minutes this information coming from the georgia democratic party and some polling data shows republican president trump retaining the peach state other polls are showing democrat nominee joe biden beating trump georgia has been a republican state almost every election for almost 50 years in the rare exception to that is jimmy carter who won twice as well as bill clinton and according to the state georgia has artie see record turnout of voters casting absentee ballot and showing up for early voting and the secretary of state is predict the nearly 6 million georgians to cast a vote on this presidential election to the senate racial show republican sen.

David purdue having a slight lead over democratic nominee john also however this georgia voter was skipped to go about purdy's chances ... hard to say whether they be a run on body we also focus in georgia voters about how such a high turnout in voting can really help make a change in th unit dates thing the best had a great time in the first one is more to the sentencing you ... reporting live in rossville georgia keenan scott ... is 12 now ... line force and across the country is preparing for what could be violent protests over the election and he still thinks around the white house yesterday and there's crowd to three with opportunists looking to destroy property and the business sense is to say they're not aware of .

Any specific threats that some business owners are getting ready from los angeles... forto denver... to raleigh... to new york... business owners are boarding up... and bracing for election night.

This year... tensions are high -- from anger over coronavirus restrictions to large protests against police brutality.

The protests calling for racial justice were mostly peaceful but marred by violence from agitators.

What have you guys done?

Jim english: we just boarded up over the weekend jim english is the general manager of warehouse wines and spirits in manhattan.

His store was looted during protests following the death of george floyd.

How much damage was there?

It was almost 200-thousand dollars worth of damage?

/ i did not feel particularly safe then, i don't think that they could allow that same response to happen again in the days following the election, we will have additional officers ready to respond to any type of incident.

The nypd says it will work with 40 agencies to monitor activity in its joint operations center.

On monday -- vandals targeted the democratic party headquarters in houston... spray painting the windows with the words "elections no... revolution yes."

Federal officials will monitor tonight's developments from a command center at f-b-i headquarters.

An independent report found that five states are especially at risk for civilian militia activity this week... including oregon.

The governor says the national guard is on standby.

- oregon) we stand here today urging all oregonians to commit to non-violent expression.

Federal law enforcement sources tell cbs news there is no direct threat about election day violence.

But here's the concern.

If the election ends up being contested you may have demonstrators who go out in to the street peacefully.

The concern is that looters and agitators would then infiltrate the crowd.

That's when violence would happen.

Db cbs news nyc ... the city dutiful day out there today to which is now cooling down already three and murphy severe's dry and i to amateurs will continue to get chilly out there over the next couple thre hours what our future has no problems out there with clear skies that will be the key as w had for the next several hours so quickly at your forecast for your nighttime once again bundl up not as cold last couple nights will fall into the lower 40s only by the midnight hour as will detail more on a pretty good midweek later on the show but stay with us more on the during the pandemic.

Wendy gillette shows us some tips if you plan to take a road trip for any of the upcoming winter holidays.

Nats montage track 1: driving has been the preferred mode of transportation for vacations during the pandemic according to travel surveys.

Nats gas sot: "that's because road trips provide a lot of flexibility and especially this time around, comfort.

You're in your own vehicle, you're among your family, you're among your friends."

Standup: "but once you leave the bubble of the inside of your car, there are safety steps you can take to limit your potential exposure to the coronavirus."

Nats gas tank track 2: first off- gassing up.

Dr. william greenough, an expert in infectious disease at johns hopkins university, describes how he keeps himself safe at gas stations.

Sot: "i have a clorox spray, i have wipes, with, and alcohol, 70% alcohol, that i carry with me and wipe down.

Computer punch-in, i wipe that down.

I wipe down the gas handle."

Track 3: and that goes for any surfaces inside rest areas or restaurants.

If you want to minimize stops, bring your own food.

Sot: "it's packing more food and supplies for your full trip."

Track 4: aaa offers a couple resources to help plan your trip.

A covid-19 travel restriction map shows which areas around the country are experiencing spikes and where there are travel restrictions.

Triptik allows you to chart your route, even picking rest areas and where to eat so you have more time to concentrate on the scenery.

Nats window wendy gillette, cbs news, sanford, maine.

If you haven't been driving much lately because you've been close to home, triple a recommends checking all of your car's fluid levels and tires before you head out on a long trip.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera in soddy daisy from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Smiles matter, brought to you by delta dental of tennessee.

Young bentley loves playing in the dirt maybe a little too much... he's corrupting his cousin now too.

Melissa lewis has today's smiles matter photo.

Take a picture of what makes you smile and send it to

"you're watching prime news at 7.

Your news now."

Now that halloween is over, we're looking ahead to thanksgiving and christmas.

But the holidays this year will look a bit different, as we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The c-d-c has issued new guidance on the best way to celebrate, while staying healthy.

Mandy gaither shares some tips on how to do that, in tonight's health watch.

Millions of americans travel across town or across the country to gather with loved ones to celebrate thanksgiving.

But just like with everything else this year, officials are urging people to take another look at their usual plans.

New guidance from the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention suggests holding virtual thanksgiving gatherings this year and limiting gatherings to just your own household.

But if you plan on adding more than that, here are a few tips to try and keep you and those around you safe.

- assess the current level of covid-19 infections in the area you are planning to visit.

- host activities outdoors whenever possible.

When holding them inside, increase ventilation.

- try to only include people who are local.

- limit the number of attendees - continue to wear your mask when around those you don't live with - encourage everyone to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before preparing, serving or eating food - avoid buffet or potluck meals.

Ask people to bring their own food--- or limit contact of the plates and food to a designated server.

- watch parades and sporting events on tv rather than in person - do all your black friday shopping online and finally, if you do participate in any higher-risk activities, take extra precautions for the next 14 days to protect others.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant college on lookout mou cam network.

He market street tva building pretty quiet as well as our current surface map shows quiet weather across much of the nation point was a perfect day for election note complaints and no excuses not to get out high- pressure over the piney woods o east texas this by the appellation of wealth around our neck of the woods as these temperatures will continue to monitor a little bit over the next couple of days yes discovery chile tomorrow mornin but upper 60s tomorrow afternoon not bad at all and then tomorrow night lower 40s will see some passing clouds as we had for th day on your thursday but still nice and comfortable back into the upper 60s about where we should be so tomorrow deluxe sunshine another blue plate special about eckstein nine and will see some passing clouds wa still dry and pleasant back in the upper 60s as we had for your thursday afternoon and i we come back will take a look at how long this winning streak will continue all have your seven-day forecast coming up


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