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Monday, March 8, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - November 9, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 9, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - November 9, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 4) Breast cancer kills tens of thousands of women a year in the US, but black women face a greater risk of dying.

And, a North Carolina woman is using her art to change to lives of cancer survivors.

I bet braden will be inv october is breast cancer awareness month- and while the disease kills tens of thousands of women in the us every year... black women face a greater risk of dying from breast cancer.

Elise preston explains why there is growing concern that risk could become worse.

Pkg tracy tomer is often tired... but she's pushing on.

The 53 year old grandmother is being treated for stage 3 breast cancer... she discovered a lump in september 2019.

Elise preston: what went through your mind.

Tracy tomer: forget about it.

Honestly, to try to forget about it so for nearly 2 and a half months &she put off having her first mammogram.

I cried because i knew something was wrong.

While black women are slightly less likely to be diagnosed with a breast cancer compared to their white counterparts.

They're 40% more likely to die from a breast cancer diagnosis.

Black women are often diagnosed with breast cancer at a more advanced stage.

Dr. vian bea is surgical oncologist at brooklyn methodist hospital.

She says the disparity is seen for all socio economic backgrounds, so studying genetics and biology of breast cancer is critical.

Back in the day, we sort of attributed a lot to access to care and certainly access to care, plays a role.

// but we now know that reasons and many causes and a lot of research is underway to address those causes doctors are concerned that the pandemic will widen the gap as many women are delaying screening.

Women are now even more afraid.

Of going to get a mammogram dr. bea encourages all women to talk to their doctors about when to start screening.

Something tracy wishes she had done earlier.

I'm also fighting for.

My life in general.

I have grandkids that i want to see grow up she's undergoing radiation after a mastectomy and chemotherapy and not giving up.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

Tag black women also tend to be diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer called triple negative, which also has a worse prognosis.

Cancer takes its toll on the body and the mind.

Kendall mcgee has the story of one north carolina woman who is changing her art form to change the lives of cancer survivors.

Jenean lacourte is an artist.

Painting was an early passion for her, but after her sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer, she put down the paintbrush.

"from my very firs tattoo i knew this is what i should be doing with my life- i absolutely love it.

" she walks the line between medicine and art every day specializing in 3-d nipple tattoos for people after breast cancer and scar camoflage " i understand ho much weight a scar can hold sometimes you don't realize what its doing to you emotionally until you can have a resolution that helps hide it" the healing is more than skin deep her patients say lacourte's work has given them confidence to move on -- date again after a masectomy and apply for their dream jobs "as much as i lov to do this for people i would love to never have to do this ever again if it meant nobody else had cancer " behind the pink ribbons that surface every october is a poignant reminder to talk about catching it early "you cant tie pretty pink ribbon around what cancer is but it is a chance to openly talk about something that effects every single person literally everyone knows a person at least that's been through breast cancer " whether it's a cancer survivor, or someone lolooking to get rid of scars from accidents, surgeries or self harm -- lacourte says she keeps in touch with each of her patients "its like theyr part of my family part of my friends now i took them through that journey.

I took them past the hard and into whats the next phase in their life its powerful to be a part of that.

" in hampstead ktm wect news to be a part of that.

" in hampstead ktm wect news wh when we come back, preparing for flu season.



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