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Monday, May 10, 2021

Local Businesses Not Requiring Masks

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Local Businesses Not Requiring Masks
Local Businesses Not Requiring Masks

Bridget Divers spoke with several businesses to hear how they're doing without a masking mandate.

This evening.

Here in north alabama - several businesses in decatur are no longer requiring customers to wear masks after the state and city's mask mandate expired on friday.

Waay-31's bridget divers spoke with several of those bussinesses to hear how they're doing without a mask mandate.


Whisk'd cafe and the sassy owl boutique are two local bussiness in decatur where you are not required to wear a mask.

Bonnie parsons/ manager at whisk'd cafe "we put masks signs up.

You can't make the people wear 'em but, our employees are wearing them and the patrons can wear them if they want."

Bonnie parsons is the manager at wisk'd cafe.

Even though the cafe is not requiring customers to wear masks she says a lot of them still are.

"i'm glad they're concerned about us just as much as were concerned about them."

Just down the street another business -- the sassy owl boutique -- is not making people mask up anymore.

Carrington kelly/ owner of the sassy owl boutique "you know it's their right, up to their decision if they want to wear it or not."

And its up to sassy owl boutique employees whether they want to wear a mask or not.

"of course if a customer was uncomfortable wearing a mask they could put one on, but we're still sanitizing.

You know keeping our distance and doing everything that way as well."

Since the mask mandate ended the boutique has seen more customers.

"we did pick up it seems like when they didn't have to wear the mask anymore 'cause it was just uncomfortable you know shopping."

Whisk'd cafe has also seen a lot of bussiness recently.

"we've been very, very lucky.

We moved to a new building.

Were double our capacity and we're doubling our sales so, we're one of the lucky ones."

Within the past week there's been less than thirty covid-19 cases reported in morgan county according to the alabama department of public health.

Live in decatur, bridget divers,


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