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Thursday, July 29, 2021

District 5 runoff

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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District 5 runoff
District 5 runoff

Dennis Clark faces Isaiah Hester in a runoff today for Chattanooga City council's Disrict 5 seat.

Candidates dennis clark and isiah hester are winding down to the last hours of their campaign.

Tonight they will find out if they will be one of chattanooga's next city councilman.

News 12's winston reed is live in chattanooga to discuss what is on their agenda if they take office.

Both isiah hester and dennis clark will both face obstacles implementing development plans in district 5.

Clark says he hopes to pull money from the city's budget to improve infrastructure like sidewalks, and pavement on the roads.

Isiah hester wants to solve the flooding and storm water problems in his district.

The hot button issue for both candidates, the food desert on shallowford road.

The neighborhood walmart recently departed on march 26th.

"we have been in talks with food city.

We had a pretty excited meeting with them about a week ago.

We're just doing our due diligence.

They're interested in coming back into brainerd."

"entrepreneurs, they want to have food trucks, meat trucks, vegetables and fruit trucks too.

They will definitely bring that entrepreneurial spirit to solve our food desert problem."

Polls close at 7.

Early voting results are expected to be released as early as 7:30.

Reporting live in chattanooga winston reed news 12


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