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*NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / *Art has always served as a platform for expression. Through the years, it has been used to protest, relay a message, and as an outlet for emotions. Be it through music, literature, painting, or drawings, art has persevered and has been a part of everyday life.

Unfortunately, persistent misconceptions often surround art. Art is usually thought to be expensive and exclusive to the rich, discouraging other people, especially young teens, from being involved in the art scene.

18-year-old artist and entrepreneur, Ivan del Rosario Castillo, is on a journey to change how young teens perceive art. Wanting to destroy existing misconceptions and stereotypes, Ivan started an online art company called TheDelRosario13.company. The online company is designed to break the stereotype that teenagers can't be artists, that artists only wear baggy clothing and that art is only available at a high price range.

TheDelRosario13.company, launched in December 2019 when Ivan was only 17 years old, inspires teens to use art as an outlet and as a way to relay a message to the public. "We teens go through a lot of stuff, and sometimes we need art, music, or books to express ourselves," Ivan says. Through his art, Ivan encourages his reach to create something that will last for a long while, far longer than a lifetime.

The online art company offers a collection of Ivan's work, including the recently released Cruel Summer II collection, which is the latest of Ivan's Wonderland 2002 art series. The series was named after the year 2002 when Ivan was born. The Wonderland 2002 collection is a painting album series that Ivan has been working on for the past year.

Wonderland 2002 was inspired by the Dada Art Movement, a movement formed during World War I, which depicts the people's adverse reactions during the horrific time. Ivan also made use of the bright neon colors of the '80s to reflect his life and how he became the person he is today.

Ivan's unique art is personal to him as it is inspired by his own life and from the colors of New York City where he resides. His works often hold stories within them. These stories might not always speak to Ivan's customers, but both parties might share the same reaction to it.

Through TheDelRosario.company, customers can get an exclusive look at Ivan's upcoming releases and get links to acquire his artworks. The website's subscribers will also be the first to know about the gallery show schedules of the collections under Wonderland 2002.

Ivan continues to post his art on the company website. Motivated and ready to crush stereotypes on artists, Ivan is gearing to inspire his fellow teenagers to express themselves through art. He hopes to change how art is perceived because, as he believes, anyone can be an artist regardless of what type of art they do.

To view Ivan's art and learn more about his company, visit TheDelRosario13.company on their official website and Instagram account (@thedelrosario13.company).

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