United Nations Pageants World Finals: Ankita Shetty from Australia Wins Against 39 Countries



*KINGSTON, JAMAICA / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2021 /** *Australia's Ankita Shetty is declared as the world winner of Miss United Nations 2020. Ankita Shetty represented Australia as "Miss Eurasia Pacific", competing for the crown against 39 countries in the world.

Following this win, Ankita Shetty gets the rights to own the "Miss United Nations Franchise" in Pacific countries, and will be an advocate for goodwill causes across the globe.

Ankita Shetty holds degrees in Computer Science & Engineering. She started coding and selling her own software solutions at the age of 13! She is now a Tech-Entrepreneur, Start-up Investor and Philanthropist. She is appointed as 'Global Director' at a Technology Firm in Australia.

Ankita Shetty is named as "Beauty with Brains" by Srilanka's Ceylon News & Indian National news. She is also appointed as Ambassador for Srilanka's National Cricket Team for disabled.

Ankita's foundation, Ankita Shetty Foundation Australia, has enabled thousands of underprivileged children to learn about software coding, science and math. She has got recognition from worldwide NGO's for her passion for helping underprivileged kids. She has launched her project DigitalTech4SDG's to spread awareness for tech as a career choice for young people.

United Nations Pageant World Finals was held at Shanti Devi Mittal at Lovely Professional University at Jalandhar- Delhi G.T Road, Phagwara, Punjab 144411 in November. Due to COVID bans around the globe, the company has declared her to be the reigning queen for one more year.

The annual United Nations Pageant's (UNP) primary intention is to identify and showcase the world's best ambassadors. Those who have the personalities and the talents best suited to promote their respective countries and to foster international friendships and understanding with a cultural harmony.

The purpose of the United Nations Pageants is to provide men and women the opportunity to come together regardless of their background and to build relationships with those who are working attentively to make a positive impact on their communities.

The pageant was judged on: Multiple Interviews, Portfolio & Profile, Background, National Costume, Sportswear, Fashion wear, Evening wear and other interviews to demonstrate contestants' knowledge on Social, Current events and Community Services.

The pageant has been named one of the most influential international events to promote healing among nations around the world, bringing together representatives of a wide range of communities and cultures. Over 39 countries around the world competed for the following titles:

*World Winners 2020 Re-declared*

Miss United Nations World *(Ankita Shetty) Australia*

Little Miss United Nations* ( Neeven Ved) India*

Ms. United Nations *(Hadassah Allaputa) Nigeria*

Mrs. United Nations *( Jessica Snock AK) India*

Miss Teen United Nations *( Fredoline Mantjies) South Africa*

Mr. United Nations *( Dev Negi) India*

Mr. Teen United Nations *( Amit Chauhan) India.*

Mrs Classic United Nations *( Dr. Sarika Shah) India.*

Mrs United Nations Ambassador* ( Bharti Chauhan) India.*

Ms United Nations Ambassador *( Jennifer Lovelace) USA*

Miss United Nations Ambassador *( Faith Kinyaka ) Kenya*

"We are very happy the India hosted this remarkable event. We are an organization dedicated to facilitating cooperation among nations, world peace and promoting development. The relationships that was fostered during this event among the contestants will allow them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the diverse cultural, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds of the countries which make up the United Nations. We are very joyful to have the India as the premier host of the United Nations Pageants World Finals" said Leon Williams, President of UNP.

Apart from a strong emphasis on goodwill, tourism and destination promotions, the pageant is also supporting environmental protection via strategized programs.

*About United Nations Pageants*

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