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hot day for baseball HOF

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hot day for baseball HOF
hot day for baseball HOF


The big news this weekend is the heat!

Many people visiting cooperstown are spending their secodn day in it, and today is worse!

Newschannel 2's brent kearney joins us live on mian street with that...brent.

It was an extremely hot day today, the heat index felt well over a hundred out here in cooperstown but the fans, still came out by the thousands.

Pkg: "if you like baseball then this is the place to be it's like the holy grail.

You walk through the hall of fame and the stuff you see in there and the players you see in there are great."

It's baseball hall of fame and hardcore baseball fans have been lining up along main street.

Two of of those fans are jim mcgee and his brother in law joe.

They've been here waiting since the early hours of the morning.

Jim how long have you guys been sitting out here?

Since 4 o'clock this morning."

With a heat index expected the be over 100 degrees their both in for a long day.

But they're used to this kind of weather jim mcgee danville va.

"humidity kind of weighs on you but you just get used to it this is southern virginia weather so it's not bad for us" like jim and joe, many of these fans don't want leave their seats and risk losing their prime spot.

So a bit of strategy comes into play to both stay cool, and keep their spot.

"we kind of rotate we will have some people here so if we need a drink or something we will just switch off" tommy ray huntington massachusetts tommy ray "the ac in the stores are great sword shot memorabilia and stay cool at the same time" tj angiolillo, trumble connecticut well in connecticut were in a heat wave so we anticipated it for sure we bought sunscreen and a lot of water we have a yeti in our car so we're going to go back-and-forth so we're gonna go back-and-forth with water so we're prepared for sure but every fan that i talked to said its worth every second.

"it's hall of fame weekend it's the experience of a lifetime and it's a lot of fun" so definitely a lot fans out there braving the heat.

Some of them that i talked to today said that number of people here is lower than previous years.

But said tomorrow's induction

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