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Guardian Investments

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Guardian Investments

Guardian Investments

Garry Thurman at Guardian Investments talks about an investment option that is safe like bonds but offers more rewards.

Guardianinvcpa.com @guardianinvestmentsandaccounting

Great there regarding investments is joining us to talk more.

I'm very risk-averse so i'm excited to dive into the topic of rewards with out the risk, impossible yet so there's a lot of solutions out there.

You know, on the last show we would hundred cds at your local bank.

I know a lot of people love cds because there's no risk whatsoever were not huge fan of cds we think is a place where but a lot of times with someone comes and sits with as they say.

Gary would like to se some solid growth.

We really don't want to.

The impact about another 2008 2009 are marketed so bad it probably edit indexed annuity so fixed indexed annuities are great programs. i think the one the strongest vehicles out there for the right person for the right fit now for someone younger, like yourself, we may look at portfolio.

This does not in a really risky situation.

So there's a lot of ways that we can defeat the ris of the market.

One of the strategies doesn't favor a bit more sick here and maybe work at scared another 2008, rightfully so gross.

However, yeah this is question because that think that's the mindset of long notes that the they think we get into something that's more safer not to see some decent omelettes 10 metal in an old adage of the known no risk, no reward is it that any cds we talked about you know the average return and cv cds 1 to 2%.

So in these fixed indexed annuities that we are talking a few minutes ago.

I know our average low right now and most of our cds is route around 6%.

You know we even have some programs in our in our annuities that will give you 1% guarantee.

It's hard to come by but it's got to be the right fi for the right person.

What's neat about these programs now i that we have some even for younger people, so there's so you actually get great growth of the market does well you don't get impacted by the negative markets which that's what everybody's looking for today her fight.

A lot of people and a lot of negative impact in 2008 the void that is exactly as it is a little confused about how annuities really work.

Can you quickly did yeah we get to 10 shows on this survey.

You need to learn about annuities.

It is you got the and they're not right for everybody you know there's all types of different annuities out there so is a lot of negativity out there.

Google annuities you need to make sure you sit down with a professiona that understands the educate you about the annuities i've set telephones is at hand annuities the rock for you is empty.

But if you find the right annuity from the right company is on administer this annuity.

I think they're beautiful.

But again, it's all about education you got understand how it works.

Gathering the fine print which is something that we do a guardian.

We make sure you understand it to a t, but again there great investment vehicles if you're looking for.

No risk in looking for some upside potential in the market is another example why we need to work with you to help us understand the best i education it's all about education.

Learning how your monies work and google's not always her bes friend is there's annuities are certain age ranges, demographic, and his email approaching retirement, gasoline and red zone guys are playing so conver i biggest peer in america today folks going into retirement is running out of money is the number one fear were living longer, nor limit into her 90s now, so again the fixed indexed annuities.

They come some of them can with what we got incom rider.

So pensions are pretty much gone away.

A lot of companies are as new to get out your pension if he even have one but now we can create something like that with these income riders and basically how that work if you're retarded 65 needed income immediately are sick.

The seven whatever the case may be, we can turn an income on out of these annuities guaranteed for the rest of your life no matter how long you live so we can eliminate that running out of me.

No fear running out of mone fear and also a lot of audits now even have some long-term care benefits to which will explain and educate our clients on the come and see us so important to come have that first concert patients and you can understand our back story, our need and partner us with the and we gotta let what you get and what your goals are.

So once we learn your goals.

We can program design.

You know specifically for you based on your age and your goals.

We do that for absolutely free.

There's no location whatsoever.

How we get started on the gives a calling 924693 come in and se us flava 3045 minute conversation will put a plan together for you and see where the government sounds great.

Again, no obligation

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Guardian Investment [Video]

Guardian Investment

Gary Thurman with Guardian Investments explains investing in bank CDs. They're safer than stock investments. guardianinvcpa.com @guardianinvestmentsandaccounting

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