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Dangerous Sidewalks

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL - Published
Dangerous Sidewalks

Dangerous Sidewalks

Waay 31's Pat Simon gets to the bottom of what some Madison County residents call a dangerous, overgrown eyesore in their neighborhood.


The meeting lasted nearly 5 hours!

New at six!

Some madison county residents share their concerns with waay 31 about what they call a dangerous, overgrown eyesore in their neighborhood.

And after getting nowhere with local officials - they contacted waay 31 morning news anchor pat simon to get to the bottom of it.

"we have an very active neighborhood."

Mary carelli would like to enjoy a leisurely walk on the sidewalk right in front of her home on clutts road ... but she can't.

"it's like a jungle going on."

<vo of different angle of tree this monstrosity is blocking her way ... mary carelli / concerned neighbor "it should not have gotten this high."

And she's not the only one concerned ... "it's just overgrown and scary."

Her neighbor ... allison crutcher uses the same sidewalk to walk her kids ... and has to turn around right in front of mary's yard ... she tells me it's not safe.

Nats "one of our neighbors jogs every morning.

She was running through and then a snake jumped out ... really ... and i was i'm not letting my 5 year go through there."

Standup - pat simon - "this is how enormous the problem is .

Huge tree ... 50 feet tall.

... here for years ... limps over power lines ... could cause power outages .... debris in drainage ditches ... causing potential flooding problems. butt to standup look how wide the base of this tree is ... large roots were allowed to form under the sidewalk causing it to buckle ...underbrush is overgrown ... butt to standup now let's walk through it ... tree limbs slapping you in the face ... pine cones and needles could cause you to slip ... walk 15 feet into this jungle butt to pat on cam ... it's a mess."

Mary carelli / concerned resident "this is dangerous and it's not good for anyone here."

After making calls and not hearing back from huntsville utilities and madison county's district four commissioner ... mary contacted waay 31 news for help ... nats "ring " i contacted county commissioner phil vandiver ... nats "madison county commissioner's office."

Nats "hi ... this is pat simon waay tv."

And within the hour ... nats ... shaking hands or chatting we got a personal visit from the commissioner himself ... cmsr. phil vandiver / madision co.

Dist 4 i showed him the potential dangers of the sidewalk ... and even introduced him to mary.

Nats ... shaking hands ... cmsr. phil vandiver / madision co.

Dist 4 "we're responsible for the sidewalks to the street."

... eventually ... the commissioner told me ... he will repair the problem.

Cmsr vandiver ... "i will cuts the roots of the tree and fix the sidewalk."

And take a look at these are photos ... the very next day ... construction crews were working to clear up this ugly, dangerous eyesore .... and soon ... mary and her neighbors .... will be about to walk on a much safer sidewalk ... mary carelli "i couldn't have done it without you ... thanks ... " in madison county ... pat simon waay 31 news.

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