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Monday, March 1, 2021

Uber Coming to Evansville Considered a 'Game Changer'

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Uber Coming to Evansville Considered a 'Game Changer'
Uber Coming to Evansville Considered a 'Game Changer'

After years of seemingly flirting with the Evansville market, the popular ride-sharing service Uber announced Thursday that it would be expanding its UberX service into the River City in early 2017.

Uber is already available in seven other Indiana markets.

The company's move into Evansville has come as extremely welcome news for many area bar and restaurant owners including Amy Word who described the move as a 'game changer.'

Brad-- getting to and from a night on the town in evansville -- just changed forever.good evening... i'm brad byrd.alexandraand i'm alexandra johnson.the popular ride-sharing service uber -- is expanding into the evansville market.something city officials say they've been working hard on.eyewitness news jordan vandenberge has reaction to the big announcement.

"((nats cars))we're all going somewhere.but it's how we leave -- that has routinely left one question for evansville mayor lloyd winnecke -- when."(literally there's) literally there's not a week that goes by that i don't hear from someone especially in the millenial generation that the city of evansville needs uber."now -- the need has been met.after years of flirting with evansville -- the popular ride-sharing service is now facebook official."(i'm uber) i'm uber, uber excited that uber is coming to town!

It's a game changer for the nightlife scene."for amy word -- the president of the franklin street events association and restaurant owner herself -- uber's move will be met with open arms.both from a business standpoint -- but a personal standpoint too."(someone had) someone had sent me a link that they had done a comprehensive study in seattle that after uber came in there, they had a 12% reduction in duis and fatalities that occured because of drinking accidents.

Those of us that are in the business, that's always a concern for us.

It's always something we're aware of.

It's just another level of safety that we're able to offer the community as well."

Despite being the third largest city in the state -- uber entered into 6 other indiana markets -- before sealing the deal with evansville.the move almost serves as a status symbol -- especially amongst the service's core user base -- millenials."(they see) they see a lot of development.

They see a lot of investment.

They see a vibrant city that's on the move.

I think they see that they can be successful here.""(it's huge) it's huge.

I think it does speak volumes that evansville is a city that can support it."people will still come here, here and here.

The only change is how they leave.but it's a big change at that."(it's huge) it's huge.

It's a game changer for sure."jordanit's unclear at this point how many drivers uber will hire -- or how far outside the city the service will uber spokeswoman says those decisions will be made at some point in january.

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