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Friday, March 5, 2021

VIDEO Neighbors react after fatal natural gas explosion

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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VIDEO Neighbors react after fatal natural gas explosion
VIDEO Neighbors react after fatal natural gas explosion
VIDEO Neighbors react after fatal natural gas explosion levels house

To be ok.

>>>wendy davis: the ntsb is now investigating a natural gas explosion that killed a ugi worker and leveled a home.

It happened in manor township..

Near millersville..

In lancaster county yesterday.

Wfmz's emma wright is live at the scene with reaction from neighbors.

3 neighbors say the explosion was unlike and anything they had heard before.

It happened a couple hundred feet away but debris from the house is spread throughout the neighborhood.

>>reporter:a major natural gas explosion had left a big hole in this manor township neighborhood.neighbors tell 69 news on sunday woman walking her dog smelled gas and called ugi to investigate.>>clayton hollinger, neighbor 15:15:46 "me and my dad were outside, we saw them digging and we were just watching them then we saw two fire trucks show up...5 minutes later it went off.">>reporter:the explosion killed a ugi employee and injured three others.the homeowner was evacuated before the explosion but robert gutierrez, who lives next door, says his son was home when it happened.>>robert gutierrez, neighbor15:01:51 "he's a little rattled, wasn't able to sleep.

Thank god he's ok.">>reporter:gutierrez' home and several others around it suffered damage in the blast.

Debris scattered for hundreds of feet...this backyard is covered in so much insulation...from a distance it looks like snow.>>ben rowe, 15:18:42 "our garage door was closed and we had debris inside our garage, which was very, very strange.">>reporter: the ntsb is leading the investigation into what caused the natural gas explosion.ugi employees were at the scene all a statement, the company says they shut off the gas to the area and are performing enhanced leak detection surveys to make sure the area is safe.neighbors say they feel for the employees who just lost a co-worker.

>>ben rowe15:18:03 "i feel terrible for the workers at ugi and our neighbors.

It's really...i'm sad the name of that employee who was killed still hasn't been released.ew, 69 news.

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