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Sunday, June 20, 2021


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With wildfires continuing to impact many californian vineyards, changes in the wine industry could be felt in the four states.

Action 12's erin sullivan joins us live in the newsroom, erin, what's the impact so far?

Austin four major wineries in napa and sonoma counties have been destroyed or greatly damaged, an area that generates more than 13 billion dollars in wine annually.

I talked to a local winery and distributor to see how their businesses could be affected.

Reporting: erin sullivanonce touched by wildfire, it's hard for vineyard crops to come back.steve vogel /vogel family vineyard owner "you invest a great deal of money just in the planning alone because you could see there's a t-post at every plant, there's irrigation you have to have, and it takes man power to dig that ho and plant that grafted plant."and deadly flames still threaten many of the country's most prized plants.

Steve vogel /vogel family vineyard owner "i would say uh out there if it penetrated the root, the stock, with dry leaves, this late in the year, uh they're going to have to replant it .

Which means they won't get a crop for 3 years at least, or a good crop for 4."

And we could feel that effect in the four states.dan weaver / jugz employee "the price of the wines that are left or that remain in california are undoubtedly going to rise.

I mean it's a law of supply and demand, when there's not much supply and there's demand then the price is going to go up.

Um and we're going to see that here...eventually."

Although, weaver says local price changes will not come immediately, since many wineries have storehouses for fermenting wine before sale.

But while california recovers, local wineries could benefit from added tourism and production rates.dan weaver / jugz employee "but i see it as an opportunity as well for wineries in other states to get their products out there and to get them recognized and this is an ideal time.

We're going to continue to drink wine, whether it comes from california, or france, or missouri."

According to the wine institute napa and sonoma counties are home to more than one-thousand wineries, producing 8 to 10 percent of all u.s. wine.

But austin it's still early on in assessing just how bad these damages


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