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Thursday, June 17, 2021

ChattaNeuter Celebrates 10,000 Spays & Neuterings

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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ChattaNeuter Celebrates 10,000 Spays & Neuterings
ChattaNeuter Celebrates 10,000 Spays & Neuterings
ChattaNeuter Celebrates 10,000 Spays & Neuterings

It's just like you back.

Let's chat for this thursday orting.

You know the end of the price i right for decades said have your pets spayed or not it's a very horrid all responsible is to remember anna baker's joining u here from chattanooga anna good to see that you guys reached a pretty big milestone which i think sal told me about what happened in february last year married 20 what happened in february last year married 2019 and add this week we have had 1, 000 days and now densely open houses that watch and sound man you know if facts not just as 1, 000 animals in the animal would have had and i would have been unwanted and intentional.

This, like a nominal act like you know the approximate breakdown between dogs and cats close to half-and-half.

I would maybe 55%.right it's simply incredible.

How did you do it your staff must be incredibly dedicated so the whole audible we are daily about 35 surgeries a day.

Now you know when i did the first week we opened we were only doing surgery to humane educational 90 very exaggerated and that we have around you and to dealing about 35 today is ou average said that is one of the reasons we've been able to hit that number and just word-of- mouth has really spread.

There' a great need for it.

You are getting what's the setup procedure for having your speaker someone calls chattanooga today will, timelin, and to go through so you need to make appointment by client like it had 531.

They are website chat and eat are not working actually make a an online so we can make a really convenient and where i'm out on surgery and depending on what what you have to get an early can be 2 to 4 weeks before you can come in and and daniel drop off.dropped off at.dropped off at 10:30 am at 8 am and any get picked up later that day.

That's a will, cost t users.

However, very low cost 45 for mail l it the highest at 72 for female dogs.

Everything els falls in between the answer.

We do have a forward find that people will donate and then we can use that assigned help to people who can't even afford a very low that is also why do folks contribute to the spaeth forward.

Give us a call for the check out our website had entered.

I will what you guys routinely need throughout the course of the year as i had donation sal vide ran fair and they need wet cafi that we feed them after surgery, as though canned cat food canned dog food, paper towel yet.

I don dish detergent x11 amazon which led that people can check out a is an you got through the things like bedding, pillows that we need to have a certain brightly is not towel bath or beachside towel.

They can be gently used in their and we go through those a lot of what we use pretty muc for the betting right answer.

That is our well used.

I chattanooga and if you've got industrial strength washer and dryer, wiser is that we got a lot of lunch and so much for joining us in touch with anna and the great folks at chattanooga.

They are easy to find they're located out of greenwood road.

The phone numbe five 531531-7729 and