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Sunday, February 28, 2021

WCBI Holiday Shopping 2019 (Part 2)

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WCBI Holiday Shopping 2019 (Part 2)
WCBI Holiday Shopping 2019 (Part 2)

There is no place home for the holidays especially when you're shopping for Christmas.

Would like for you to come shop with us and robin have america's makers howdy for discussion of calculus you come go with us ... welcome to our kid you come around with the welcome to our latest draft latest boots tommy, other brands with a lot of myspace for the ladies that ms. would boost apartment with men's boots and indicates he just moved to right now got a brand-new selection that you can see a lot of messages from men have work boots justin ... just an original and still so we have still to not still to lace up to come on out mutual is the ladies section we have ... as you can see some really nice ladies want to ladies come on got jeans wells in have a nice selection of men's belt ... my selection of men that an lasers she's holding up one of each if you want some western dress clothes where the ones that had his own children's department with children's shirts boys girls shirts you also have good selection of children's and we have selection of children sat and children's succumbs is through children's wear and forget that we have mike or whether good selection of chaps jackets beth's helmet about anything you want and accessories for bikers to come on out and get your bikers leather right now and g give department to my selection of purses jewelry small gifts anything you need for the christmastide christmas gift idea are folks, cs okay western wear in hamilton mississippi is actually is boutique i'm katie this is eli welcome to our store our selection close from newborns to tween's boys and girls millie j salazar properly tied with a large selection of christmas.

Ashley's she's wearing a bow and a serendipity and she's also wearing lucas shoes that you selection of boys close as a team under armour properly tied and more eli is wearing we tied and paid west pants with a huge selection of christmas jobs boys and girls newborn already 16 ... we love monogram section also monogram bag have warmest codes in the city for two letter also we have boys codes if you choose we have inherent ashley's boys girls also we have boots brain boots and ... from sparkling to leopard even just a ... toys toys toys with a large selection of toys or partnership with melissa and doug with increasingly large selection lots of baby dolls of easy rollers ... also have nerf gone on with teams ... have lots of good items for older kids including bluetooth vandy speaker and many boomboxes also lots of cute duffels for little girls and older girls.

Ashley we have a store full of some things from toys to close to christmas pajamas we've got here at ashley's come shop with us and downtown aberdeen from our family to yours have a merry christmas merry christmas is a new store and everything the plow when you don't want to miss this holiday season i'm here shopping with the owner shelley bowen shelley to melanie been in aberdeen 11 in aberdeen my whole life i just recently opened a store three weeks ago my goodness it was a beautiful story can't wait for you to see it ... shelley time about the golden rabbit cookware for small is beautiful he from your stove to your oven to your grill to the dishwasher and tell me about bridal registry with wonderful gifts bridal coast anova somewhere and a glass ... bores me by people would and they one great recipe in the handwriting that the person that wrote it go see it to believe that rare gift come to the blue out wow look at this place your designer tree this christmas come to ruth's warehouse here in lovely aberdeen mississippi you can buy all these trees fully decorated from traditional to modern gold and silver never thing in between ribbon you need ruth has ribbons for as far as i can see in our scj warehouse and many model where you can find anything your heart desires for christmas this year scj warehouse there are booths will paintings clothing jewelry pottery antique furniture so make your way to aberdeen to ruth's and cj's for all your christmas needs now i check out feel relaxed and fresh at the glam station and small military rd., columbus coded as it magazines best buy mississippi for 2019 is high praise and is well earned effect the glam station has been winning awards for several years now expert staff has great passion for their work and want you to leave each satisfied originated as other various massage therapies from swedish to deep tissue massage anymore glam station looking and feeling stress was there with case options just as any last extension is last tending threading for full-body waxing specialize in everything from one-to-one services to large parties and special event glam station and spa 1940 military requirements as a blueprint intersection visit the glam session and 662-798- 0150 let's enter through the doors to mirror mirror margaret and tammy tell me about this new store so it's so much margin now for guest ornaments especially excited about our website ... you have so many beautiful sweaters and just love the writing was going all began we have been able to expand our brand with and more shirts more sweaters more jeans more dresses are shula and is expanding tremendously from two years ago really excited merry christmas from mira mira you come see us through the pink doors at 44 main st., columbus ... everyone needs something monograph christmas and jennifer garner designs is a place to be kaman and jennifer i'm good thanks for having me thank you tell the audience a out all of your monogramming services we offer custom monogramming you can bring your items into the store and will be glad to monogram for you you can purchase anything in our store and think clues monogramming well-to-do custom gift shirts for boys and girls shirts in stock we can bring them into his him will be glad to do them for you ... tell them about the trending items for christmas trending service sweatshirts t-shirts anything you want monogram we can do for you ... great gift for the holidays deadline for christmas monogramming is december 13 come see me at jennifer garner designs were we make a personal for 30 years the grapevine has been the greatest influences they have custom framing gifts on the core and jewelry and much more you have to come and see how and tell me what special you'll be offering her the christmas season to be having 12 days of christmas starting december 9 featuring different items on sale each day leading up to christmas also specializes great local artists mississippi made you have lots of pastoral is we have jewelry with long short necklaces bracelet for things ... note for years grapevine is always honestly job of framing in our work lots of personal items jerseys wedding dresses collages ... things shopping grapevine this christmas than what you looking for hi everyone there was always a better zero start from this my buddy pete and this is sasquatch were new stores are full and were located here in circle want to come shopping with us here this christmas the manager of our archery shop is on slate here at owens outfitters working on bow right here christmas december christmas time both sales and archery months while you're here to join you go out for fitted ... ranch great selection of rifles, treacy is the selling season always offenders sure to check the farmer year ... cores wheels little bunnies you name it we got to great lifestyle and apparel brand for under the hippie tree ... dear michelle you a little bit about carpet selection we have also everybody knows danner lace up and slip on dress boots exotics we even have boots for the little ones are athletic and trail shoes styles are growing daily also have great brands in stock were really excited to see the first few boxes of the discriminant guys using offer to send money on things on this christmas to come see us nevertheless everybody have a merry christmas and we look forward to seeing you here at owens


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