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Monday, January 25, 2021

Former VP Joe Biden, former Secretary of State John Kerry campaign in Iowa

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Former VP Joe Biden, former Secretary of State John Kerry campaign in Iowa
Former VP Joe Biden, former Secretary of State John Kerry campaign in Iowa

On Friday, former Vice President and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden campaigned in Decorah, Iowa.

He was joined by former Secretary of State John Kerry, who formally endorsed Biden this week. The two made a campaign stop at Hotel Winneshiek In Decorah.

Former vice president and democratic presidential candidate joe biden campaigned in decorah, iowa tonight.

He was joined by former secretary of state john kerry... who endorsed biden earlier in the day.

As mal meyer explains from decorah.... it comes at a critical time for the candidate.

A poll by cbs news and you gov released in mid- novemeber showed biden tied in iowa with senator bernie sanders.

Mayor pete buttigieg and senator elizabeth warrne were close behind.

With two months before the caucuses, some are still undecidided " i would be interested in a candidate that would be supportive of fair tax."

While some are looking to hear about how the candidates stand on taxes, others are interested in healthcare.

"it always seems to be in the balance right now is always shifting.

And so that's an important issue for me," once on stage, kerry explained that he endorsed biden because of his experience with the paris climate accord, healthcare, leading in foreigh relations with russia and north korea, along with other national security issues.

"he helped devise and make some of the toughest decisions of the presidency."

Biden explained the need to rebuild the middle class by making the top one percent pay a fair share.

"" that in part would help provide more fundining for schools.

"" biden finished by saying that he would be able to reach across part lines to get bills passed.

" " this is the last stop for an 8 day bus tour for biden.

In decorah, mal meyer, news 8.

The former vice president did speak about foreign relations... healthcare and other topics.

We have the full stream of today's campaign stop on our news8000 facebook page.


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